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Niki & The Dove - 'Everybody's Heart Is Broken Now' (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kill the DJ, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Oooo new old music
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  2. ...a remix of a vinyl only song from 3 years ago?

    giphy (4).gif
  3. oh
  4. Let me go listen to Lost UB and mourn how we still don't have any new music.
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  5. Seeing this thread reminded of how great the last album was.

    A song.
  6. Everybody's Heart Is Broken Now is not just an album, it's a lifestyle.
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  7. The good sis @HeartSwells posted this in Vinyljustice, but a 7" single of You Want the Sun/So Much It Hurts is being released - you can order (UK shipping is ridiculous but I still snapped one up!) here.
  8. I haven't played it in a minute, but this is probably one of my favorite albums ever. The summer vibes almost make this insane heatwave bearable. The ever so slight Stevie Nicks vibes of You Stole My Heart Away are doing it for me right now.
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  9. Shame the album was never released on CD. The amount people offer me (Via Discogs) for my copy of the Vinyl album is crazy! - I'd sell it in a heartbeat if an official CD was released! - I've ripped to a CD-R disc but not the same.
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  10. I was reading something about them on their record label website a few months ago and it did say they were due to return in 2019.

    Maybe this bonus track remix thing is just a re-introduction.
  11. It's one of the best albums about grief. Still obsessed after all of these years and it hasn't aged a bit.
  12. Well they said on their Instagram that they’re currently working on a new album.
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  13. Back in 2013, N&TD worked with film composer Oscar Fogelström to give birth to the end credits of the movie "The Hypnotist". The song they made, "Ball & Chain", is finally available on streaming platforms, both in full (11 minutes) and edited version (4 minutes).

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  14. I've enjoyed their music since they appeared on the scene, and yet I had never heard the bonus tracks from the first album until sometime last year.

    The Beach is one of those glorious songs that on first listen I somehow feel like I've already heard it thousands of times before and it's been a part of me forever.
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  15. I just discovered this album. I'm kind of shocked that something so great and so up my street flew under my radar. It's a first listen masterpiece! Almost every song is *chef's kiss* - I especially enjoy the tropical disco moments, which are a bit La Roux but make it good. Play It On My Radio is everything!
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  16. New single 'Galvanize' (Chemical Brothers cover) coming very soon according to their Instagram.
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  17. Ez2LQtLWYAQrur6.jpeg
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  18. I don't hate it. Lemme go listen to Everybody's Heart Is Broken cause it's been awhile, talk about an immaculate album teebs.
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  19. One of the best albums ever. Let me go bop to Coconut Kiss in this 90 degree weather.
  20. No summer is complete without a daily visit to Shark City and sucking on a watermelon.
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  21. Past due to give "Everybody Wants to Be You" its flowers (I am convinced this is written about a queer loved one of Malin and/or Gustaf and nobody can convince me otherwise) -

    You're like a flower
    That can't hide it's fragrance
    We sense you where you go
    You never chose the easy way
    I don't know where you get your strength from
    It's always been that way with you
    Oh, but you're of ruby gold
    Now they wanna eat you whole


    You hold the secret everybody wants to own
    They need it, they ask you what you smoke
    They wanna smoke it, cause they're desperate
    To look at the world through your eyes
    They think they need to get high to love
    And get love


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