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Nina Nesbitt - The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change & The Flowers Will Fall

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. It’s very Mya too. I’m bopping.
  2. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I'm in love with this. No Scrubs for the streaming era.
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  3. Wish the production was better. Sadly, not into this as I expected (I loved the first three singles and Chewing Gum and almost anything she’s put out)
  4. Not this being a partial ‘dating a closet case’ anthem though.

    If he never wants you to meet his friends
    If he ain’t tagging you on the gram


    Says he’s online
    But he told you he’s asleep
    You stay inside
    Like he never wants you to be seen


    Swears you’re the one
    But he’s not the label type


    Relate to the gay experience a bit legend.
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  6. This new single is a BOP!
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  7. Serving me BillsBillsBills/NoScrubs/PinkThereYouGo realness and I'm living for it. A certified bop.
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  8. This is fucking great. Gimme that late 90s bop
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  9. I wouldn't have checked this out if it wasn't for the tag, but yeah this is a damn bop.
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  10. This is killer. On repeat all evening and I still can’t get enough.

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  12. Everyone I've played this for is OBSESSED. Is this is a potential hit?
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  13. It's Radio 1's track of the week next week and she's all over Spotify at the moment too, so someone's doing their job right/signing the right cheques.
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  14. It helps that Spotify seem to adore her, but how well she's managed to do being on Cooking Vinyl of all labels is very impressive.
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It’s a cute song. Reminds me of a bit stripped back Hayley Kiyoko.
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  17. The evolution of Cooking Vinyl as a label, particularly over the last five years or so, is kind of fascinating. They seems to have moved into a bit more of a label services type model, had quite a bit of success with The Prodigy's 'Invaders Must Die', alongside putting out new records by "indie"-leaning bands with loyal fanbases (Embrace, Maximo Park, The Fratellis, etc).
    Really interesting to see them try to break a new(ish, I know she was on Island before) pop act.
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  18. Loyal to Me is fantastic. Hopefully it’s the single that will launch her album properly.
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