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Nina - Sleepwalking (debut album)/Synthian (new album 5 June 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. 'We Are The Wild Ones' was so great a few years back by her.

    This is less instant but I like it!
  2. Oh, I love this song?
  3. Wonderful
  4. Bloody amazing, it's on repeat! Can't wait for the EP!
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  5. Great song and the b side sounds fab too! I hope this does well. Just seen her do a live set and her other upcoming stuff sounds fantastic. Loses a point for not singing We Are The Wild Ones though!
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  6. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Pretty good!
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  7. "My Mistake" ... just, wow. I flip my imaginary hair back like nobody's business when those chorus synths kick in.
  8. I'm glad she's had a follow up, My Mistake is a slice of electro goodness.

    Side note, I miss that feature in the iTunes Music Store showing you new releases from artists you've purchased before. I relied on that to keep up with a lot of stuff.
  9. Annoyingly the album due for release later this year appears to have been kicked into the long grass. She said her next EP aint out till the new year.
  10. Love! From the "Beyond Memory" single EP -

  11. New single "One of Us" is another corker! I love how it builds and builds into bittersweet euphoria:

    She has a few performances lined up for the year:
  12. Happy to see that One of Us is on Spotify US because it's very Annie. I was enjoying Beyond Memory and its spooky vibes. It will fit in nicely on my *atmospheric pop music plays* playlist.
  13. Ohhh..... She's sort of passed me by but I am really loving what I have heard in this thread. Where do I start with Nina?
  14. I didn't realise this came with a video?! (At ~4600 views it seems nobody else did either):

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  15. I didn't really enjoy the combination of One Of Us and Counting Stars as much as her other releases. They are not bad but I just haven't listened to them as much.
  16. Same. I'm wondering if there will ever be an album? If there is I can't imagine the three and four year old singles My Mistake and We Are The Wild Ones being on.
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  17. Shame she’s not really getting any attention.
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  18. I don't think so. She seems content throwing up random two song EPs at the moment.

    Going back to We Are The Wild Ones, I think that is her best track. It's stunning and it sounds like it would have fit nicely on Indiana's No Romeo album.
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