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Nina - Sleepwalking (debut album)/Synthian (new album 5 June 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. She told me in May 2017 that the album was due in November last year. There seems to be massive gaps between each release (of effectively two songs). I'm struggling to keep interest.

    We Are The Wild Ones is epic - those synthy pings (for lack of a better term) get me each time. Love the video too with its East London by the DLR vibes.
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  2. Damn, I was hoping that there would be album news when I opened this thread. I'm a big fan of her EPs.
  3. I think I’ve heard ‘Beyond Memory’ through the PJSC but this is special. I love the production.
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  4. It's like a synth wave Disney love song!
  5. That’s quite a nice song, yes! Liking it.
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  6. Thank you for the mention. It was a lovely track and a step up from the last EP/ Double Single. She's moving in the right direction.
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  7. Yes, thanks for the mention. This is great. Also, since I lasted posted, Nina has said that her album will be out next year so hurrah for that.
  8. Has she told me when I met her in person in May 2016 that her album would be out that Autumn.... I've given up hope!
  9. You had me at 'Richard X production'! It is a cool song and I hear the 'Disney' vibe too!
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  10. Ha. I feel like it being written down and put in a newsletter is a step in the right direction at least.
  11. Thanks for the mention, just what I needed this morning! Love it!
  12. Yes! Finally.
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  13. At last! I'm going to be all over this album come March.
  14. Hurrah! Shame that We Are The Wild Ones is absent as that is still by far her best one but i guess it was inevitable given its over 4 years old now!
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  15. Oh excellent news. I didn't expect it to be released quite as quickly as this.
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