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Nina - Sleepwalking / Synthian

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. aux


    Oh! Hi, hello.

    @aux has arrived.


    I have pressed play, lemme do some live commentary. Synthian, whew, drown me in those 80s synths. The throbbing synth-line in Automatic Call, fucking hell. The one-two punch of Runaway and Unnoticed, who gave her the right? The Calm Before The Storm... Nuffy, sis, this song is the storm. The run from The Wire to Never Enough, holy fuck. The synths during the chorus of Gave Up On Us are relentless, wow. The Distance broke my heart more than it already was. Damn.

    This is a divine, lush 80s synth-pop album. I genuinely have no choice but to stan. I just bought the CD and pre-ordered the vinyl on her Bandcamp. Let me have a listen of the rest of her discography because this is extremely solid. Thanks for the tag Petty, I always know to trust your taste.


    @Aidan and @fatyoshi, get in here IMMEDIATELY.
  2. I'm so pleased you've joined us. You're most welcome.
  3. She's here and listening now. I was gonna wait and listen tonight or tomorrow but @aux badgered me on here (then bullied me on discord xx). I think I hear something.

  4. Finally got a chance to listen (thank you for tagging me @backstreetjoe - I love all your suggestions even though I’m really bad at following up in a timely fashion dd). This album is absolutely stunning.
  5. Discovered this album on the monthly charts, whew what an album!
    I'm getting Robyn/Vanbot/Jennie Abrahamson/Avec Sans vibes.
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  6. If you like it, see also the Jessie Frye album which came out yesterday.
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  7. Love the new remixes and the album still hits me so right. A friend bought me and himself tickets for her London gig With Ollie Wride in March, so I’m just hoping it actually gets to go ahead.
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  8. Hey - I hope you are all well. I'm not back (!) but had to share this as I can see no-one else is going to! Nina and Essenger's cover of 'Nightcall' from the Drive soundtrack. Look after yourselves.
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  9. Love this take on the synthwave classic.
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  10. This is gorgeous, I love her voice. A perfect bonus track for Synthian which is definitely a Top 5 album of 2020 for me.
  11. As if the Nightcall cover wasn’t enough before the end of 2020, she is also releasing an EP of songs based on samples from the Drive OST on Friday called Control and it all sounds brilliant....

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  12. What an unexpected treat!
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  13. Love that she’s releasing so much right now, even if it’s old material, I’m here for it. Just waiting for her gig I was supposed to be going to in March to be rescheduled.
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