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Nine (-1) Muses

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Breaking Heart, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Nine Muses (나인뮤지스) is an eight-member girl group managed by Star Empire Entertainment. The girls debut single titled 'No Playboy' was released in August 2010, on their single album, 'Lets Have A Party!' along with track 'Ladies'. After a year, the girls made a comeback in August 2011 as a 7-member group unit with 'Figaro', after the departure of Rana and Bini. They returned in January 2012 with 'News', which saw the addition of eighth member, Kyungri. In March 2012, they released first mini-album 'Sweet Rendezvous' with title track 'Ticket'. In January 2013, the group cameback with 'Dolls', which saw the group return to their nine-member formation with the addition of Sungah. The group returned three times again in 2013: In March with second mini album 'WILD' with the title track 'WILD', In October with full album 'Prima Donna' with title track 'GUN' and finally in December with digital single 'GLUE'. In January 2014, Leesem and Eunji 'graduated' the group, followed by Sera in June 2014, leaving the group with six members. After a years hiatus, Nine Muses returned with the addition of 'Sojin' and 'Keumjo' and their third mini album 'DRAMA'.

    Former Members
    Bini | Eunji | Jaekyung | Leesem | Rana | Sera
    2010 | 2013 | 2010 | 2013 | 2010 | 2014

    Music videos
    No Playboy
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  2. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Very underrated, there company screwed up what could've been quite a big rookie group. Hyemi and Sera have gorgeous voices.

    Sera being Canadian speaks nice English aswell.
  3. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    I'm not sure they're popular enough for their own thread, but I love 'em. "No PlayBoy" was my third most-played kpop single from last year, behind only "Run Devil Run" and "Bang!"

    According to Erin, their new single will be out on August 3rd. I believe they've been working with the same people who did a lot of KARA's singles, so it should be good!
  4. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    I think they're very underrated, but they have so much potential. I'm excited for their comeback.
  5. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    I think the main challenge is that they can't sing or dance. That's a problem. But 'No Playboy' was indeed a good song. Anyway here's three of them at a water park
  6. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    ^thats the thing they can. Erin and Eunji used to be dancers (Erin was doing ballet) and Sera and Hyemi were scouted from singing competitions.

    The girls are very talented but were uprepared by Star Empire.
  7. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Well, if the comeback is indeed on the 3rd I'm suprised we have no teasers. Could be coming in the next few hours.
  8. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    New photo (maybe a teaser?) is out:

  9. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    That new logo looks so cool! Nine Muses, color me excited for your comeback!
  10. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    My first immpression is to stay interested in Nine Muses, the cover has me thinking about the concept of the song. Anyone know information on the song?
  11. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    'Comming soon.' Star Empire should check its marketing materials before they release it.
  12. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    In the picture at the top, the girl on the far left looks a lot like Eyoung.

    I have high hopes for this so Star Empire better not screw this up.
  13. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    I don't, but to me it looks more like a "natural" concept. I want classy and stylish Nine Muses, though!
  14. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    I highly doubt StarEmpire will make these girls cute. The concept photo.. it kind of screams A Pink vibe.. I'm hoping they stick close to their original concept.

    No Cute, Refreshing, Natural, stuff
    Mature, Classy, Stylish, Sexy, FTW!!
  15. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Maybe they're going for clean+sexy concept?
  16. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    I don't really want the girls to be cute :( oh and I miss Rana and Bini already. Does anybody know who the leader of the sub unit is seeing as Rana is gone? I heard it was Sera?
  17. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Love it, great comeback teaser.
  18. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Can't tell anything about the song, but I'm excited!
  19. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Oh God, that looks so cheap. And it looks like they are cashing in on Roly Poly. Have T-ara started a new trend with their disco retro theme?
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