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Nine (-1) Muses

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Breaking Heart, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Sera posted another cover on her Ryutube channel. This time it's Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.

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    I really hope Sera gets a solo at some point. She has the talent! I'd love a mini (dare I dream for a full album?) with some bangers, a couple guitar ballads, and something nice in English (since I want a good K-Pop song coming from someone who speaks English flawlessly.)
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    How can you not fall in love with her after this?!
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    So charming and cute! Long live Ryutube.
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    I'm officially subscribed!

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    ^There's a reason why she's my second favorite idol (Narsha is first forever.) She's amazing. So talented and oh so lovely.
  8. Hitori

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    Sera needs a solo, and she will slay. One of my favorite idols in ALL of K-pop ever.
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    What I love about Sera is that you can tell she's all about the music. You can see her passion for it when she performs and talks about music. Like in this video, her inner music geek comes out when Sem talks about acapella and acoustic music at 7:25.

    You should watch the entire video anyway.

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    Oh my God, Leesem is everything in that video.

    Anyway, Erin has said that they're coming back in July. That's pretty soon!
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    I really need to start keeping an eye on the members of this group a bit more. I had no idea that Sera made covers and Linkin Park’s Numb? That is golden! I really miss their music these days Wild is one of the most amazing kpop songs I have ever heard. I wonder if they will ever be able to top that single for me. It had everything, including my favorite colors and amazing raps. This remix also made me adore the song even more!

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    Yeah, WILD was just amazing. The raps were stellar. Hopefully they have another great singles run when they comeback in July!
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    Welcome Marabou! It's nice to see we have another Nine Muses fan!

    That's a great WILD remix! I hear a bit of Culture Beat's Mr Vain when Kyungri first starts singing.
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    Thank you! Yes I love Glue, Wild, News and Action. So far I have not gotten to know the members that well yet but I really like Hyuna, Sera and Kyungri. Real shame Eunji left she was the first member that really stood out to me the first time I saw Wild.

    I do quite like his remixes, especially the ones for Nine Muses I think Trance Blossom succeeded extremely well with both Wild and Glue. I think the one for Wild is better for me tough, maybe because I consider Wild to be one of the best kpop songs of all time and the remix was on an equally good level as the original. The Areia remix for News is also nice whenever I want some small change from the original pieces I always turn to those remixes.
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    Epic! A comeback in July, I can’t remember reading about that. Now I have something nice to look forward too. Seems everyone wants to comeback in July I hope they will do well, it would be nice if they could finally win. They really deserve it because of their mature concepts that I strongly like.

    And the raps in Wild along with the instrumental part was the first thing I loved about Wild when I saw it. I noticed the colors in the video and remember thinking that it seemed promising. Then the music started, it blew my mind and I was hooked on the first rap.
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    Welcome, fellow Nine Muses fan! It's nice to see someone so enthusiastic about the music here! Wild is definitely an amazing song, I still listen to it and try to follow along with the raps.
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    I must have listened to WILD 10 times today alone. I find all their songs have a "must hit replay" quality to them. The instrumental is one of the few I listen to regularly. I love the opening portion of Erin's rap.
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    Thank you they are one of my most hyped groups for comeback now. I think their company does a great job at picking the singles that should be promoted so I have big hopes for them.

    I agree with the replay value they all seem to have some kind of addictive frequency or something in them. If I was one of those MV reactors then I would react to their songs and videos twice. You simply cannot only listen to them once.

    The day I will be able to follow those raps tough, well then I might as well move to Korea because the girls can sure rap quickly!
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    Last year was truly their year. Perfect back to back singles, a proper album (that was cohesive and didn't suck), and then another single. The most hardworking girl group in KPOP. I really can't find any fault in them.
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    Welcome Marabou! I agree that their comeback has a lot of expectation, especially from all of us with 4 amazing singles from last year. Hopefully they can raise the bar even further with their new material.

    I've personally had a hard time backtracking their discography just because last year they were at an ultimate high. The only other songs of theirs I had were 'Ticket' and 'No Playboy' but I finally started to like 'News' a little while ago haha
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