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Nine (-1) Muses

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Breaking Heart, Jul 27, 2011.

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    There's not much more left to listen to Ryan. There's Ladies and Sweetune's magnum opus, and my favourite kpop song ever, Figaro.
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    They did put out a full album. Prima Donna is full of 80's pop bliss.
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    I was so impressed by their hard work last year and with nine members and all! I am not sure how they kept it all together. I need to look up some of their non-promoted tracks in their full album and see if I can find a favorite that will make the wait more bearable.
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    Thank you, I too found their earliest pieces to be a bit less in my taste. News was however an exception to that. There might be some B-sides in their earlier works that are great tough, I have yet to check that part out.
  5. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses

    Is Korea still paying them dust? If After School promoted the same way they did last year with nonstop singles then they'd be top tier. 9Muses should be at least middle tier now.
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    I know they do (did) some modeling on the side but i'm not sure if their getting paid like that. I would consider them a middle tier group too but look at After School. VIXX practically had the same schedule they did last year, won a number one, did TV gigs and now are on dramas. I would confidently consider them a second-tier group now.
  7. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses

    I really thought the last line-up was their best yet because I properly started caring about the other girls aside from Sera and Sem. Perhaps doing sub-units or having Sera do a solo debut would do them well. Or that the new member will do a UEE and put the entire group in a better position.
  8. Boh


    Re: Nine Muses

    I've always had random thoughts of Nine Muses taking bits and pieces of AS things (Prima Donna jacket shoot set, 9th members singing 2nd on debut, the ending pose for Just Looking/Shampoo) but then I realise I'm paranoid with things like this and I need to take an valium or two or 23.

    I recently heard Sungah taking over Eunji's rap parts in Wild and the first solo in Glue...she's good! It does her justice as when she (re)joined she covered Leesem's raps, it was mostly mimed, breathing into the mic.

    I want to hear some RnB stuff. Everything I've wanted from AS, Nine Muses tend to do themselves, so I may as well invest in Namyu more.
    It'd be nice to hear something like 'No No No' by Destiny's Child. Though I don't really like them, the production on the song is sweet!

    Speaking of, lets give Sweetune a rest....he worked his magic with Stellar's 'Marionette', so they can keep him and build their fanbase for a year.
    Time for NM to head in a difference direction!
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    Yeah i noticed the parallels with After School and it has been mentioned before. When Kyungri came in, I thought it would be another Raina situation, it turned out not to be. In the end the girls got close to equal part in MV's and singles. ALL 9 OF THEM. And if I remember correctly none of the girls missed a performance. Compare that to After School and their one comeback last year. If it wasn't for Dress to Kill, Nine Muses would have be my top girl group.

    It would be nice to hear something more modern (and possibly more urban) from Nine Muses. Even though they have used Sweetune to death, i love the retro feel they bring out from the girls. That Fierce Disco and retro sounds can never grow old for me.
  10. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses

    Nine Muses are doing what Playboyz/Girlz are asking After School to do. If only 9Muses have big personalities like UEE, Nana and Lizzy they'd be bigger now.
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    Sera and her bro jammin' out.

    July is fast approaching. I hope we'll be getting some teasers soon.
  12. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses

    Wait. The brother is hot.
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    Sera is leaving the band as her contract expires. Comeback in August with new member(s).
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  14. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses

    *÷*$*×£#*(# I CAN'T WITH SERA LEAVING!
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    I can't deal with this either! My favourite group in all of k-pop is collapsing slowly before our eyes. Damn you Star Empire!
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    This is horrible news. Looks like most of the original members are leaving. They might as well add 3 more girls and make them into a nine piece again.
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    How bad must things have gotten for Sera to leave?! I mean, this is Sera! Heart of the group.
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    I always had the impression Sera wasn't 100% there for the Korean culture, but loved to sing and loved her fellow members. Also, she's 26; she's not getting any younger.

    I think this could break Nine Muses. Say I'm exaggerating but this has been a HUGE blow to them now.
  19. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses

    I am now singing You Raise Me Up as I cry. This is leaving me sadder than any After School graduation. SERA IS THE MAIN MUSE, THE HEART AND SOUL OF THE GROUP.
  20. Re: Six Muses

    All I know is these new girls have to be AMAZING. Like legit AMAZING. A killer rapper, A beuatiful goddess and Powerhouse Vocalist!
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