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Nine (-1) Muses

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Breaking Heart, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Re: Nine Muses

    Yes! They still have the ingredients to be an amazing group. Even if they tack on new members.

    It's strange but I'm not that upset over Sera leaving. Maybe it's because I'm used to members leaving in After School and now Nine Muses.
    We all know Sera's love for music, and know she will be doing something in it in the future.

    If she was unhappy with her company, she never showed it. She was always 110 percent in all her performances.
    It tells you something about her character and I hope she finds success in whatever she does.

    This does worry me about lineup changes in groups. Both After School and Nine Muses are known for this and have not been as successful as they should be.
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  2. Re: Six Muses

    Yeah, I don't seem to be devastated. Nine Muses and After School fans both have the best times and the worst times. Being a fan of groups with regular group changes give you thick skin.

    I definitely think the new girl(s) will be younger. Star Empire seem to be letting go of the older members and not fighting for them to stay.

    If Sera's contact has ended, no doubt most of the other girls have or will be soon. I don't think Kyungri, Hyemi, Minha or Sunga would leave, but I wouldn't put it past Hyuna or Erin. Erin has left before, and Hyuna is the oldest member right now.

    I wouldn't say we're out of the hard times yet...

    But good luck to the new girls whoever they are!
  3. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Six Muses

    The new girl better have some killer appeal to the Korean public and do what UEE did to After School in 2009. The thing is... this 'graduation' concept came out of nowhere. It's easier with After School 'cause it's expected, but now we gotta get used to this with Nine Muses. At least A.S. did not have THREE GRADUATIONS in one year!
  4. Boh


    Re: Six Muses

    She was such an adamant supporter of the group, so it's a big shock to see this info.

    I wish nothing but the best for her future. I hope her voice is put to good use.
  5. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Six Muses

    It must have been very hard internally that Sera had decided to leave. I hope another company snatches her up! I'd definitely support a solo debut.
  6. Re: Six Muses

    Me too. I hope fans of the group will support her to. I know some of them can be bitter.

    I'm having a Nine Muses binge fest and I'm so glad I was a fan since Figaro. They have put out some amazing work.

    Their company knew what do do with them artistically. It's a shame that they did not put them out there on variety shows. Well not until much later.
  7. Re: Six Muses

    Noooooooooooooooooo. Who changed the name?!! STOP IT! Change it back!!!
  8. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Six Muses

    Meanwhile Star Empire's other 9-member group, Z:EA, are still going strong. There must be something wrong with 9Muses' internal dynamics - more than what was shown to us.
  9. Re: Six Muses

    To be fair ZE:A now is going somewhat strong, for lond time they were U-KISS twins as in "flops that are still going on". What saved ZE:A was popularity of some members like Dongjun, Kwanghee and now Hyungsik and Siwan.
  10. Re: Six Muses

    Exactly. They have been popular outside of music, doing variety shows and hosting. This is what Nine Muses needed in order to garner any type of momentum. I think they have peaked already.
  11. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Six Muses

    The new girls better be big personalities, or push some of the current girls to higher heights.
  12. Boh


    Re: Six Muses

    In on heartbreaking, earth shattering news, I keep mistaking AOA's Choa for a blonde Rana at some angles. Am I crazy? (The last time I thought someone looked like someone was Gyuri from Kara and After School's Bekah)

    Does anyone see what I see?!!

    Has Namyu's Immortal Song schedule passed yet? I'm waiting to see if Sungah's got a good vocal part.
  13. Re: Six Muses

    So it looks like their August comeback might be delayed. Looks like the higher ups are adamant about having 9-Members in the group.
  14. Re: Six Muses

    Reading the news that their comeback has been pushed back to September just makes me feel more detached from the whole thing. I adore Nine Muses, they very quickly became my absolute favorites (along with BEG), but this member shuffling is just draining. The current members must also not be very happy with the situation.

    As much as I hate to say it, I think it would be better if they continued as six members with a name change (though that would lose pretty much all of the brand recognition they have gained).
  15. Re: Six Muses

    So we've got the upcoming trio-unit with Kyungri, Kevin & rookie girl 'Sojin' (name not confirmed).

    I'm very much expecting her to be one of the new Nine Muses members. I doubt they'd debut a new solo singer.
  16. Re: Six Muses

    I really hope their name will be "NASTY NASTY" as some rumours on the web suggest.
  17. Re: Six Muses

    They aren't rumours, that's their name:
  18. Re: Six Muses

    Oh My! Love it!
  19. Re: Six Muses

    I'm really excited for this!! Kyungri has slowly taken over as my 9MUSES bias front runner.
  20. Re: Six Muses

    Crush intensifies!!!!

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