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Nine (-1) Muses

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Breaking Heart, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Re: Six Muses

    There's a countdown for something on their official facebook page. The logo 'M' with 4 question marks. Wonder what that is?

    I just bought the full documentary off Distrify. It was a nice fleshed out version of the BBC. I was waiting the for the revelation of the Jaekyung affair, but it wasn't mentioned...unless I missed it. The documentary did connect a few random things in the BBC version. (like Sera randomly crying while practicing, was actually about the loss of Jaekyung etc)

    Also, saw Rana's appearance on last year's 1000 Song's Challenge. Wow...glad she's making the $$ modelling cause singing ain't her breadwinner. Once she found the right pitch, she had an okay, karaoke voice. But I was surprised because in the documentary her belt line in her solo was pretty decent.
  2. Re: Six Muses

    The full version of the Nine Muses of Star Empire documentary is up on Youtube. Watch it while it's still hot!

  3. Re: Six Muses

    The documentary is really interesting. I feel for them being worked so hard. They don't seem to be enjoying it most of the time.

    I've tried getting into their music but it's not really doing much for me so far.
  4. ^ That's a shame. Glue is my favorite song of all time!
  5. MV for Yes Or No. A cute video for a cute little ditty.

    I love this group!
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  6. Aw, that was cute! I really hope they release something else before the year is up. Maybe when there isn't a boatload of competition!
  7. Excellent stuff. This must be the first music video designed to be viewed on smartphones?
  8. So.. Star Empire is now being forced to sell their building as they owe their creditors too much money.

    I wonder what will happen to Nine Muses (and Zea).
  9. Absolute mess. Nine Muses are one of the only K-pop groups I'm still checking for, I'll legit give up if I lose them.
  10. 9Muses and T-ARA are the only groups I'm really invested in. I wouldn't bat an eyelash if other groups called it quits, but these 2 are far above the rest for me. I was sad when Sem, Eunji and Sera left the group.
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  11. Nine Muses of Star Empire is up on Netflix for those who haven't seen it yet! I miss Sera so much.
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  12. Just saw the film at a documentary festival, and some of the scenes seemed a bit too convenient and suspect (like the bit about one of the girls being apprehensive about her future all the while she's being shot from afar walking nervously in a circle under a streetlight at night... Yeah right) -- so I gotta ask the K-experts here:

    How was the film received in Korea? Are the film makers reputable documentarists?
    OR: what if the film wasn't a real documentary but a carefully scripted promo piece? You know, to make a new group seem more interesting and dramatic and stand out among dozens of other newcomers?

    I certainly wouldn't put it past cynical label bosses that they'd be more than willing to appear as "the bad guys", if it all helped to launch a big moneymaker... And didn't the group become successful after the film was released?

    Please tell me that I'm being the cynical one here, hehe. (After 20+ years in the music biz I can't help it!)
  13. A quick google search shows that Hark Joon Lee is the director and he directed just one other documentary titled "Across Land, Across Sea". I don't think he's particularly reputable.

    There is no doubt that the agency bosses only agreed to do the documentary because it will help promote the girls but one thing to note is that the documentary wasn't that widely released in South Korea itself. It was more focused on showing in other country's festivals.

    And it is still debatable as to whether the group is considered successful or not. Despite being around for close to 6 years, they have never won a number 1 and they don't really sell that much. They did become more popular after the film is released, but I don't think it has anything to do in particular with the film. They were just releasing more regularly and had better songs. The addition of Kyungri and the removal of the deadweight(s) in the group probably helped too. They are probably still quite unknown to the general public.
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  14. Thanks for your reply! But I can't help asking for further confirmation (not to badger you, I'm just intrigued):
    Do you mean most pop fans in Korea have not seen it? Was it not shown on TV or anything?

    And what's your opinion on the suspect shots that seem rather staged? Would you still say the film's a bona-fide documentary?
  15. I don't know if most pop fans in Korea have not seen it or not but my point is that the documentary wasn't made for mainstream viewing.

    And regarding the suspect shots, I won't be surprised if they were staged. Even with that, I'll still consider the film a bona-fide documentary as I believe most of the things shown in the film actually happened naturally and that the scenes that were staged did not alter the main spine of the story, but was done just for a more dramatic effect. Although it is kind of difficult to tell if they were actually staged or not. Considering that the cameras were following the girls around, they could really be doing those stuff. And it just happened to fit in with what the girls were saying in interviews and clips.
  16. Well, my point was of course that IF most pop fans in Korea ended up seeing it in the telly or wherever, it doesn't matter what kind of viewing it was made for, mainstream or otherwise. So for that purpose it would be most useful to know about its popularity on home soil too.

    I guess it's only natural for fans to want to believe. Me, I'm still undecided until we hear some more evidence to consider.

    But thanks for trying!
  17. The point about it not being a mainstream release is that it wasn't released for mainstream viewing. There was no widescreen release and it wasn't released for primetime viewing. And if you want to argue that the film was scripted to draw in support for the girls, this seems unlikely considering that the film was not meant for mainstream Korean viewing but was meant for festivals.

    And besides, I highly doubt most Koreans have seen this on telly. It was barely reported in the Korean media and harely anyone cared about Nine Muses back then. Even if it was shown on TV, it wasn't shown on one of the major TV networks. It was shown on arirang, one of the channels that cater more to an international audience.

    And regarding the evidence, why would fans want to believe? We all have this idealistic view of the idols and thos dicumentary kind of shatters that image. Besides, you can read the accounts of many past trainees or even those who made it about their trainee times. It's all along the lines of what was shown in the documentary. Nothing particularly extraordinary was discovered in the documentary if you were a fan who had read about trainee lives.
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  18. A documentary of their first concert is up on their channel, it's cute (but has no subs yet) and it features some of the performances from the night!
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  19. Ooh! Somebody please add English subtitles to this soon.
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