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Nine (-1) Muses

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Breaking Heart, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Promo photos are out:


    They all look fantastic.
  2. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Wait, they have a member called Hyuna?
  3. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Yes she replaced Jaekyung after the No Playboy promotions finished.
  4. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Teaser photos are nice! Sera's is my favorite, I think, and I don't usually care much for her.

    They released a statement just a few weeks ago saying they were definitely still in the group... how weird.
  5. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    So Rana and Bini are definately gone now? That makes three members now..

    I wonder when they plan to introduce these two new members. I don't see how they couldn't have introduced two new members already they've been waiting long enough to comeback!

    I suspect we might get another comeback by the end of the year.. although with the labels record I highly doubt we will get another until this time next year.
  6. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    The second teaser is out. The song sounds fantastic!
  7. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    I thought so too! It really is amazing!! Definately still got that high class sound and look! Do we know if it's a mini, single album, digital single or anything? I really hope it isn't just Figaro :(

    By the way.. anyone from here also on 6theory?
  8. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    I am.
  9. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Don't think I could reconcile not being a teenager anymore with frequenting 6theory among crazed allkpopers.
  10. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    @s2daam it's just a one-track digital single, unfortunately.

    I'm not a member of 6theory, either.
  11. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    The "Figaro" video is out! God, I love this song.
  12. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Botched Nose Job Muse leaving did wonders for them!
  13. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    Love it. Sophisticated and catchy. Maybe it's just me, but parts of the song remind me of KARA'S " Jumping"
  14. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)


    Production reminded me more of Rainbow's "A" or "Mach", but maybe that's the same DSP producer? Reminds me that I don't know the game of this genius behind Rainbow's early hits.
  15. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    That is actually a really strong song, I like it.
  16. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    This was what i was thinking watching the video. It could have easily been a Rainbow song and everyone would have loved it.
  17. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    It really does sound like something Rainbow could have released during their A/Mach promotions.
    I loved No Playboy and Ladies but this is even better. The "give up up tonight" is stuck in my head. My only complaint is the absence of Rana and Bini, who were my favorite members.. haha... too bad.
  18. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    She was my favorite! Hahaha.

    Really? I swear I'm hearing "KEBAB-BAB, tonight."
  19. Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    This actually was written/produced by Han Jaeho and Song Sooyun, who also did Rainbow's "A" and "Mach," several of KARA's singles ("Lupin," "Jumping," etc.) and some Infinite tracks.
  20. 3Xs


    Re: Nine Muses (& Sub-Unit)

    What a flawless group of songs/artists! No wonder Fiagro is so good!
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