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Nine (-1) Muses

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Breaking Heart, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Resi12

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    Is that the same model from their No Playboy video?

    Great intro and comeback from the girls. The raps from Erin and Sam give the song so much bite.
  3. Hitori

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    Re: Nine Muses

    The guy in the No playboy video is Julian Kang. I'm not sure if he's the same guy who did the intro. I'm bad with faces.
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    Julien has ginger hair now, so it's not him.
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    Maybe after 2EN1 this group has the best female rappers in KPOP. Like the youtube comment mentioned, Erin and Sam have "swag" when rapping. Plus they are equally good dancers and singers.

    I'm also impressed with Minha. She usually sounds horrible live but sounds great now, singing lessons?
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    I can't get over how good ticket is They keep growing in confidence and ability as performers too, it's lovely to watch. I take it this was produced by the guy who did all KARA's good singles, as it has that growly noise in the background.
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    It really is an amazing track. And after being a Figaro hater, it actually has grown on me a lot. I need to learn their names so I can be a real proper fan.
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    So at the fashion show thing they were at recently saw a small reunion between the girls and ex-member Rana. She appeared also. I wonder if she felt weird watching them perform without her..
  10. Resi12

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    Re: Nine Muses


    I'm sure stuff like that happens all the time in the world of K-Pop. Is this song actually any bit big in Korea, there seems to be little fans in the performances.
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    Yeah I'm curious about the chart positions too, does anybody know how they're doing? 3Xs?
    Their comeback stages have all been great.
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    So, is there any reason why Leesem isn't a rapper anymore? I think she's really good! I wouldn't mind alternating between Erin/Eunji/Leesem for the rap parts in their songs.
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    I think it's just because she's a better vocalist than Eunji, so they want to give Eunji the raps and LeeSem the singing parts. Although I agree I don't see why they don't alternate. But I'm not mad, I love Eunji rapping, and Erin has got a real flare when she raps now!
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    I actually really enjoy Eunji's husky singing voice, though. Her part in Ticket is one of my favorite moments. Ideally, their next album will have Erin/Eunji as lead rappers and Leesem rapping in a couple songs. I dream of a single where all three do a killer rap breakdown, can you imagine?
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    Nice! I didn't know they had a dedicated thread.

    On the whole Lee Sem/Eunji switch, I wonder if they had any input in the matter. She's definitely better at rapping, but it seems to me that Sem is much happier being a vocalist. Eunji's really improved her rapping, but it's still pretty inferior to Erin and Sem's.
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    I think Sem really want's to be featured as a singer more. It's unfortunate because she's great at it, especially when performing. She's so fierce rapping in NEWS.
  17. Re: Nine Muses

    Sam was always my favourite. "C'MON LADIES!"
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