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Nine (-1) Muses

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Breaking Heart, Jul 27, 2011.

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    The new vocal line? Hyemi who?

    With the graduation of my two flawless queens, Euaerin has definitely become my favorite. Her rapping is amazing and her singing voice is pleasant. She's also the dorkiest and I adore that.
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    Euaerin stepping up vocally means that the only vocally struggling member to be Minha. Especially with Eunji and Leesem, the following weakest vocalists have gone. Although to be fair Euaerin has shown vocal capability in No Playboy (not the original lives haha)
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    I thought Dolls and Glue were great vocal wise for Minha. She's by far the weakest member, but she's not that bad when compared to members in other groups.
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    Yeah, she's not horrible, but compared to the other girls she's not great. Hopefully the future members are rappers.
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    I actually thought Leesem had quite the good voice, she just needed some more training (and she definitely improved when she switched from rapping to singing). Her solo parts in Prima Donna are all quite nice, especially in Ping. And I still think it's her doing the first two choruses of Gun, after having listened to it like 3000 times.
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    I always thought Eurin was always a capable singer. She was decent in Figaro. She's a much better rapper.
    Sam however is a double threat. She has grown vocally, has a very pleasing voice and is just as good a rapper as Eurin.

    Minha has also improved with the label finally giving her more to do. I was actually impressed with her recent live vocals.
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    Eunji made her first post-Nine Muses appearance at some fashion thing the other day..

    HIGDFKSAKDLSA She looks flawless. Now I'm sad.

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    At least she's looking healthy and beautiful. I have so much love for her.
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    I will miss Eunji. She was clearly the best dancer in Nine Muses and I liked her cocky self-assurance. I wonder what she will do next.....
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    I don't think I can ever like them as much as I did without Leesem. That video of 6Muses is truly depressing.
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    I just watched the BBC documentary on them. Eunji called it from the beginning. She new she was going somewhere and Nine Muses was just a starting point. I love her confidence and determination. I really hope she does well.
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    I completely forgot about that. Yeah, Eunji kind of made the point from the beginning that she wasn't go to stay around forever. But I think everyone just thought that the situation had become much better and that she wanted to stay. Must not have been the case.
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    I know people on this forum don't particularly like remixes, but I think this one is pretty nice. Changes the song quite a bit.

  14. Boh


    Re: Nine Muses

    ^ That same guy has done so many good remixes. I personally love the RnB 'Just Looking' he did. I really dislike Just Looking but his remix changed me.

    I think LeeSem needs some more credit for her vocals. Her solo bits at the 2010 Seoul Train event Japan really helped her shine (and Bini!) She's like a non nasal version of Sungah, who has her moments at times.
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    Yeeeeees, I was debating between posting his Glue remix or the Just Looking one. The one for Just Looking is very good!
  16. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Nine Muses

    I'm so nervous for Sem and Eunji's post-9Muses activities. They're my faves aside from Sera, Kyungri and Hyuna.
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    I really like Just Looking, which is pretty rare given that it's a ballad-type song.

    That remix was pretty good. I would have gotten rid of the auto-tune during Minha/Sem/Sera's parts before the chorus starts.
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    Nice interview with Eunji. She's back in University focusing on acting and possibly producing and directing. Glad she's doing well.

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    Sera blessing us with a cover of... Linkin Park?

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    I'm having serious Nine Muses withdrawal symptoms. They really spoiled us last year with all 4 singles and the full album.
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