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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

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    Nintendo Direct 2.9.2022

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    I'm surprised this doesn't already exist, but this thread is for all Nintendo related discussion and its games that don't have a specific thread.


    ...I also wanted somewhere to gloat that I got all the power moons and purple coins in Super Mario Odyssey, and finally 100%'d my first game!



    edit: I somehow missed the General Video Games Discussion thread when searching for a Nintendo/gaming thread oop.
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  2. Getting 100% on Super Mario Galaxy 2 is legit one of my greatest accomplishments.
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  3. Sony found wigless, Microsoft not found
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  4. tea


    the other girls just don't have the range!
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  5. I carted my GameCube to my flat finally from my mother’s house, eagerly booted it up, ready for the nostalgia trip and... the disc reader doesn’t work. Looking it up, this seems common and I mean... it’s the better part of two decades old. But I was gagging to play Doshin, X-Men Legends etc. I just gave my Wii to a pal for free and it’s better served with him. Just gonna hold on to my GC games and see if they accrue value I suppose...
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  6. Stan Yoshi's Island, Pikmin, and Super Mario RPG.
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  7. XXX


    I am so ready for a new Donkey Kong game. I wonder if a new one is in the pipeline. Every time I play DKC: Tropical Freeze I am blown away by the level design and soundtrack. My favorite game on the Switch for sure. What an injustice that a predictable, boring seen-it-all-before game like Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (also a 2D platformer) outsells it by 5 million copies...
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  8. Rob


    Having been along for the ride during the dark days of the Wii U era I must say I'm growing increasingly frustrated with Nintendo's contempt for their consumers.

    Charging full price for some upscaled ports is really not the tea and the inability to access so much of their back catalogue is beyond pathetic at this stage, especially as Sony and Microsoft embrace backwards compatibility.
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  9. I've never even played the original, but I'd weirdly love to see a new Ice Climber game.
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  10. Anybody have any opinions on the Fire Emblem 3 Houses DLC expansion? I don't foresee myself doing another playthrough of the full game (already did 2 routes), but it's been a bit since I've played and could get down with the DLC scenario if it's worthwhile.
  11. My gaming Twitter keeps putting Nintendo drama on my feed and I’m getting tired of it.

    For reference, here’s a summary:
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  12. Normally, I find most of Cease-and-Desist Nintendo stories overblown, but the stomping out a tournament for Melee (a game currently not commercially available at the moment) that only moved to using a fan-created mod to allow for smooth online play due to a global pandemic kinda dumb.

    The Joycon thing? Sure, that makes sense to me. Them shutting down fan projects of games? Whatever.

    Nintendo just very often can't see the forest from the trees, and this feels like a prime example.
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  13. Nintendo is very protective of their IPs in a way that’s pretty on par with Disney.

    The thing is, I can see their reasoning behind it. In order to use the mod, you need to be able to run it and you can’t run it with an official copy, only an emulation.

    We can argue “but availability!” all we want but it’s no different to Record Labels and Movie Studios (especially pre-streaming age) on the matter.
  14. I ❤ Mario.
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  15. If only Japan and Nintendo themselves loved Metroid as much as I do
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  16. The first two Paper Mario games remain some of favorites of all time.

  17. The Anti-Nintendo sentiment on Twitter is showing no signs of slowing down with this news.

    But also, do they really think it’s only Nintendo that does this?
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  18. I wonder if they have a file on me, I hacked and pirated up a STORM on the DS and Wii.

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    DKCR is my favourite 2D platformer (especially the 3DS version) and i think for a clone it checks many of the boxes. Also: many developers of the old Rare-Studio worked on that game and soundtrack. It's a well done hommage and the 3D overwold map gives it it's own identity. One of my favourite games from last year.
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  20. tea


    I'm sure many of you already know - it's not hard to find examples of Nintendo's greed, catering to first-timers, and malice towards their biggest fans - but I think it's worth noting here that there is currently a strong anti-Nintendo sentiment due to their banning of ROMs, and specifically banning Slippi, the only viable way to play competitive tourneys on Smash Melee as Nintendo doesn't offer an alternative despite a strong and steady smash melee community. This was especially problematic because these smash tourneys couldn't be held in person for obvious reasons, so the only way forward was to use a program such as Slippi.

    Following this news, the Splatoon North American Open saw 30% of it's teams showing support for the Smash community in their names, which led to the tourney's cancellation by Nintendo. This worked out for the Splatoon community in the end though as instead of the $1000 prize pool from the official Nintendo tourney (which past winners claim to have never received!) the Splatoon community started a different tourney and raised $25,000 prize with an excess $3000 going to charity.
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