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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. The game better make-up customisation, because that metallic pink lipstick ain't it.
  2. Seth Rogen is a perfectly fine casting for DK but Chris Pratt is the wrong choice for Mario for way too many reasons.

  3. Not from 2020....
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  4. Bayonetta 3 is gonna be amazing. That has to be Cereza grown up. Would explain the new voice actor.
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  5. This whole trend of casting celebrities to voice animated characters is trash. Feel bad for all the actually talented voice actors out there.

    You know who voiced the characters of Belle/Ariel/Aladdin in the original versions? Yeah, me neither, and yet they were f#$king great and massively successful.
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  6. Speak for yourself, I don't know a single child who won't be rushing to the theater to hear their favorite actor Keegan-Michael Key lending his voice to Toad.
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  7. He


    The look is really taken from the kid model, and it looks a bit more youthful too with all the frills.
    Maybe it’s teen Bayo? Ddd.
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  8. XXX


    All I wanted was DK announcement to be honest but the Direct was really good anyway.
  9. He


    Well, you got Seth Rogan as DK, ddd.
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  10. XXX


    I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.
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  11. Nintendo allowing the same animation company that churns out Despicable Me, Minions and Sing movies produce this is all I need to know about how shit it’ll be.
  12. I didn't realise just how mask-off Chris Pratt was with his fash-ness. Gross. Danny DeVito for Wario. It’s in the universe now. EDIT: and Willem Dafoe for Waluigi.

    Also really hyped for Kirby! Digging the abandoned shopping mall aesthetic it’s going for.
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  13. This is all so exciting! I hope we get an amiibo of this version as well.

    I agree with your main point but you didn’t have to talk down legends Paige O’Hara and Jodi Benson like that to make your point. And if you watched Full House you’d recognize Scott Weinger’s voice as Aladdin (it was even referenced on the show).
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  14. Breathing all the new life into Kirby, I live!
  15. Off topic, but this is worth watching to understand how we got to this situation.

    Fundamentally Disney exploited Robin Williams as the Genie in Aladdin, and this was carried forward to Shrek. Jeff Katzenberg being the common thread in all this.

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  16. I think there’s a difference between casting someone like Robin Williams and Chris Pratt. One being talented and who could actual do proper voice acting and… Chris Pratt and his lack of all that.

    I love the original Mario voice but I don’t know if it’d be entertaining to hear it for 90-100 minutes. I do think there are a lot of better options other than what they went with. On top of all that, these films are made for the masses. The masses don’t care about the original Mario voice and will flock to see whatever celebrity is in it.
  17. Mario’s own face is more well known than Chris Pratt. More recognizable than Mickey Mouse.
    One has to wonder if they really need to pander like that? It’s not like this is some random franchise.
  18. They shouldn't have to but it's all about maximizing the profit. If they can reach corners of the market with a "Chris Pratt", they'll do that... sadly. At least when they cast Sonic, it fit Sonic's energy/attitude.
  19. I wasn't comparing Robin Williams vocal abilities to Chris Pratt's if that was what I conveyed.

    I think one of the problems of star studded voice casts is that they are very of the moment, and risk the film not being timeless, particular if scandals surface at a later date. It would be akin to watching an 80s/90s film starring Bill Crosby and OJ Simpson.

    It is very much a short term cash grab.
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  20. Ben Schwartz’s Sonic is actually better than the current Game voice Roger Craig Smith does
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