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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. If you are talking about Metroid 4, wasn't the original announcement (in 2017?) with another developer, and then Nintendo said the game wasn't good enough quality, so they restarted and went back to Retro?

    Nintendo should have released that original game to be released under a different non-Metroid title.

    But anyway, excited by Metroid this Friday!
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  2. I'm so excited for Dread, lemme do a quick playthrough of Super Metorid on my SNES Mini this afternoon to celebrate.
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  3. That's exactly what I mean, and I know it isn't fair to pin it on Retro... but the change was announced back in 2019, and Retro hasn't had a new game since Tropical Freeze in 2014 so please let my rage fester!!!
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  4. Fair point that Retro/Nintendo could be better at communicating the updates, but that is Nintendo for you!

    At least it is not a Metroid Federation Force crow bar into the series, or a Pikmin 4 debacle. The video game equivalent of "soon"?
  5. @RJF playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 again just feels right. Where is Xeno 3?!
  6. I have, after buying the game at launch, finally completed my first hunt in Monster Hunter Rise and it is...laborious, and deadass took nearly the whole time but when I fucking got it....yes god.
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  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    @2014 was their year you could say.
  8. The Switch OLED is released tomorrow… and yet mine still hasn’t shipped.

    I want to play Breath of the Wild dammit.

    Spoke too soon, just got a dispatch note and it’s coming tomorrow!
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  9. My day one preorder is now “backordered”.

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  10. @matthew. when he invites me over for brunch
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  11. This a Welsh town?
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  12. That's where they shipped it I'm afraid....

    Edit: Oooh, it's actually getting ready to be shipped. Thank the stars!
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  13. Metroid Dread is excellent so far. Truly the game I've been waiting almost 20 years for. Samus thriving, we love to see it.
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  14. I'm about an hour into Dread. Loving it so far. The shoulder button controls are confusing my simple brain but I'll get used to it eventually. Movement is soo fluid, and feel great. Been killed twice by an E.M.M.I. Found an upgrade. Still no idea what's going on in the story yet.
  15. Only twice an hour in? Damn. I know they warned us but miss E.M.M.I is not playing. I’ve died like 10 times an hour in. Finding an escape or narrowly getting away is so satisfying but I have found myself screaming ‘shit, shit. shit!’ In the process haha!
  16. I kind of really want the OLED Switch, but I’m also moving house… I don’t know if I can justify it since I more frequently play with it docked.
  17. The Switch OLED is a very nice piece of kit.

    Aside from the holy trinity of Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and Metroid Dread, what are the must-play games?
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  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Ddd I’m ten minutes into Dread and I’m already scared.
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  19. I really want the OLED switch. I guess swapping in my current switch isn't an option or you'll lose all your stuff right?
  20. Playing Dread, and man, I hate that I can barely grasp the controls. As soon an E.M.M.I. shows up, I lose all concept of what I'm meant to do and bam, I'm dead. The sliding especially trips me up. I need to "git gud".
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