The fact I've seen Mario Kart or Nintendo Kart trending for three days on Twitter... I wish the original Mario Kart 8 had all the content and "proper*" battle mode that Deluxe has and wasn't on a system everyone hates so we could've just moved on already.

I don't want a "new twist", just give me good physics, solid driving mechanics and hopefully the newcomers from Tour.

*to be honest MK8 Wii U's battle mode wasn't even a bad idea, being able to battle on the actual race tracks and all. Just... maybe not the entire track. That was too much. I remember someone modded some files so that battles took place in only one section of a track and I loved that concept.
The Kirby game looks like a lot of fun. They did a terrible job picking the video thumbnail though, the first time I came across it I didn't even bother pressing play thinking it was another free to play game like that other one on the Switch.
Nintendo releasing new trailers for both Legends Arceus and Kirby today makes me think there probably won't be a direct in a while? Otherwise it likely would have made more sense to save them for that.