A new Mario Kart would make the existing easy-port low-effort stop selling, so they won't be doing that any time soon I think.
So the Switch is now the best selling Nintendo home console of all time with 103.54 million units worldwide.

It sits behind:
1. Playstation 2 - 155 mil
2. Nintendo DS - 154 mil
3. Gameboy - 119 mil
4. Playstation 4 - 117 mil

And overtakes
6. Playstation - 102 mil
7. Wii - 101 mil

That's Xtina's impact.
Amazing sales and figures from Nintendo! I’m so happy to see the likes of Metroid and Luigis Mansion thriving. I also have to say I find Pokémon smashing with every new release very satisfying. Legends Arceus seems like it could blow even those games out the water looking at initial sales. I hope they consider DLC of some kind for it!
I can't at probably 3 Splatoon games being released between Mario Kart 8 and the next installment.

I'm convinced MK9 is still very far away and so is BOTW2 which will probably be used the same way as BOTW, to launch a new console and close out the old one.
Yeah I'm feeling that whatever Metroid Prime 4 ends up being and Mario Kart 9 will launch the next Nintendo console. The good news is that their current financial success is allowing them to devote more time and resources to their games. I'm really thinking the upcoming Kirby game will be something special.
Maybe I dreamed it, but I’m pretty sure one of the Nintendo adverts that ran with The Game Awards showcased “games coming 2022” and featured BOTW2.

Mario Kart 9 will definitely be a launch title for the next generation, and feel confident BOTW2 will aim for Christmas, or at least the end of March next year.
Yeah BotW2 will be a 2022 holiday release, surely there’s no doubt about it. It’ll be the big blockbuster as there won’t be any major Pokémon releases - two main game big sellers in November and Jan I can’t see them having anything lined up for Christmas sales this year, apart from DLC. I’m sure they’ll have some surprises for us too.
I was thinking there'd be a new Mario platformer to coincide with the movie release, but it's getting to be a bit late for that to happen. Assuming the movie actually does make it out this year.
Sooo with the previous reports and numbers above they've announced today that Pokemon Legends: Arceus has sold through 6.5million in it's first week on sale... This is bonkers. It's the fastest selling Nintendo Switch game now (we don't have first week sales for Animal Crossing New Horizons so that could be number one - we just don't know).

Biggest Switch Launch Weeks: Sell Through only

Pokemon Legends Arceus 6.5m
Sword/Shield 6M
Smash Bros. Ultimate 5m
Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee 3m
Super Mario Odyssey 2m (3 days)