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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. "Mainly focused on games launching in 2022" is a bit worrisome because it indicates we should know about most of the games presented. Although I guess the new Mario Party was released within half a year or so from its first showing, so maybe Nintendo is just very good at keeping things behind closed doors.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 3
    Zelda Botw 2
    Zelda Twilight Princess/Wind Waker
    Xemoblade Chronicles X (will never happen but one can dream)

    I would like to throw my money at you Nintendo so please and thank you release them all
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  3. I know I’ll be disappointed, but Skyward Sword was announced at last Feb’s direct. So maybe we’ll get Wind Waker/Twilight Princess…?
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  4. I’m going to foolishly still hold out hope for a new Zelda trailer.
  5. Just please give me any update on Xenoblade 3. I'll settle for a "coming 2023" graphic hastly put together on Microsoft PowerPoint.

  6. A read on me and not you I promise
  7. I’m not prepared for the level of frustration and disappointment the Direct is likely to inflict on me at that time of night. And I’m really trying not to drink alcohol mid-week either at the moment…

    I feel like it’s been years since we had a genuinely satisfying one.
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  8. The last one was pretty great no? They showed a lot of cool games, and revealed the AC update/expansion, the new Kirby game and Bayonetta 3.
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  9. RJF


    Maybe I'm not really paying attention but aren't a lot of the games they've spun out for years kinda winding down now? They've said that Smash was definitively done with new content, Animal Crossing seems to have reached a zenith, Pokémon only just launched... we're surely due a release date announcements at the very least for something pretty decent.
  10. All I want is a proper Mario RPG again but I doubt that we will ever get that.
  11. They also did this with Metroid Dread, so they have a track record of doing that in recent years.

    I've resigned myself to not having any big Nintendo games to look forward to until the second half of the year, so anything that flies above those expectations is just gravy.
  12. I don't even think them announcing Mario Kart 9 tomorrow for a summer release out of the ordinary....its been SO long since the 8 even released on the wiiu, it's got to be completely baked at this point. Its the only game that would not need a year of slow trickle updates, it will just sell with an announced release date, no matter the time.
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  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    It is a few days before the conclusion of Zelda 35 soooo.

    Mentally prepares for 15 minutes to the new Kirby. Which I'll be buying but I need the Zelda news!
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  14. RMK


    But with 8 still selling so well, there just isn't a point in halting all that momentum.
  15. Preparing myself for disappointment: A pathetic trickle of Mega Drive/Gensis games onto NSO. New set of costumes for Pikmin Bloom.

    Secretly wanting: Metroid Prime 4 footage, BOTW 2 footage, GameCube and Wii added to NSO. Surprise DLC content for Metroid Dread, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario All Stars.

    I imagine they'll talk about the upcoming Kirby game, and possibly Splatoon 3 seeing as these are known upcoming AAA games.
  16. I get this, but like @RJF posted above...they have kind of "wound down" on the more live service multi-update games that they have focused on in the last few years, and a position for them to focus on marketing a new mario kart with 'NEW RACER/DLC COURSE REVEALS - EVERY DIRECT!!!!" is there for the taking. A new Mario Kart would simply make them even more money.
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  17. Get your expectations in check because they specifically called it for releases in the first half of 2022. I'd guess only one game will be shown at the end that's released later in the year. I honestly couldn't guess, we know so little.

    Triangle Strategy
    Splatoon 3
    Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
    Advance Wars

    and a surprise.
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  18. It would result in more money, but wouldn’t someone choose free money instead? The game’s been done a long while already but still selling. Stopping that is foolish.

    Develop a good 9 and release that for Christmas or make it a new console launch title. Then 8 will sell forever rip.
  19. We're probably also getting an update on my most anticipated game for this year: Mario + Rabbids
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  20. forty minutes of advance wars port, i can't WAIT.
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