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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. RJF


    Shut the FUCK up.
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  2. I'm sure they've also dug up some more obscure stuff in the archives to poorly remaster and dunk a €60 price tag on.
  3. XXX


    All I need is the announcement of a new Donkey Kong game with a soundtrack by David Wise.
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  4. I know this is complete clownery but I do think we'll get at least one announcement of something completely new, like we got Splatoon 3 this time last year. My money would be on DK or whatever Monolith are working on.
  5. I’m setting my expectations low.

    I’ll be happy if we get the return of:
    "Good evening America, I am Chloë Sevigny, It’s recently come to my attention that I love Triangle Strategy Game”
  6. I was about to come here to say this, isn't one in development with the same team behind Mario Odyssey? I'd be here for that.

    We are going to get a trailer for that damn Mario movie aren't we?
  7. I will be tuning into this live and commenting, because I'm a professional clown now.
  8. Well after finally getting my own Switch and finding the transfer process from my boyfriend's console a total breeze last year I've choked down a heaping portion of crow and now stand in solidarity with the Nintendo groupthink.

    Let's do this girls.

  9. RJF


    I’m in the bath relaxing before getting excited and then devastated and then angry at tonight’s Direct.
  10. Let’s get this thing on the road

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  11. RJF


    Welp. First disappointments of 2022 here we go!
  12. Well I’m here… or whatever
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  14. LET'S GO

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  15. I’m late! Let’s goooo!
  16. Difheje nintendo discovering these hyrule warriors/persona strikers games
  17. Claude is still so hot tbh.
  18. Hey clowns! Jesters, let’s do this again
  19. AFjdjdjskd five minutes in!!
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