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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. This looks cute
  2. Me meeting the girls at brunch
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  3. Mouthful mode should get you all back on board huh
  4. Obsessed with how goofy and cute this js
  5. RJF


    Not Mouthful Mode.
  6. This is actually a lot of good stuff so far, and we're only halfway through.

    Time for Sony to step up their 2022 game.
  7. Inhale a car. I’m sorry?!
  8. Mouthful mode….. wot dat mouf do
  9. So you can possess various types of items... now where have I seen this concept before nn
  10. Kirby? (:
  11. RJF


    Kirby should have his mooth CLOSED.
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  13. Looks fantastic though.
  14. Pffsfnss not BASEBALL I cursed it
  15. Not sports again.
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  16. Okay can these two double team me thamks
  17. Me entering my morning meeting with my mic unmuted and them talking to me without me even realising. Hope they didn't hear Kirby deepthroating in the background.

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  18. RJF


  19. MLB The Show being made by PlayStation Studios ddd
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