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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. That’s not very Mother 3 of you
  2. The way 2D HD gives pixel games a new lease of life

    the Bbl of videogames!
  3. I'd never of Live A Live before ff, it looks interesting though.
  4. Oh the characters look DISGUSTENG!
  5. WII SPORTS 2 Nintendo coming for the locals throats!!!
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  6. RJF


    More sports.

  7. Yasss kill your tvs
  8. Nintendo switch sports

  9. not them specifying to *gently* swing the controller for tennis
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  10. NOT Nintendo switch sports
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  11. Not Switch Sports, they said y'all are getting f*t.
  12. Not a KICK motion fffff
  13. Badminton really is a winning sport for limp wrists to be fair
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  14. RJF


    I feel like I've seen Live Alive spoken about on this forum before. Who was it?
  15. Not the Rocket League knockoff minigame.
  16. Wii Sports? y’all this is ROCK BOTTOM. wtf was Nintendo doing for the past 3 years
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  17. "Use a gigantic ball to make dynamic plays"

    sdjsdksds which gay intern wrote this script
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  18. Survival bowling is giving squid game season 2
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  19. PAck it up yoshiaki at your big old age
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  20. RJF


    Not this fucking volleyball tutorial.
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