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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Can we move on to something else please.
  2. We’re half an hour in..
  3. Not a Nintendo Switch Sports volleyball deep dive
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  4. Not the demonstrative model looking like she couldn't give less of a shit...that volleyball spike sis
  5. Demonstrating the safety measures serving flight attendant lifevest emergency procedure
  6. Wait the Miis are still in it, period!
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  7. RJF


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  8. Are we watching a game with commentary now.
    I’m switching to the Olympics.
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  9. “I’ve got plenty of space around me as well” yes remind the girls
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  10. These bare minimum movements, they really are playing Wii Sports.
  11. Yoshiaki blasting off into the sky

    Ok work
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  12. “Let’s stop our match here…”
    YES PLEASE NOW MOVE ON!!!! Nobody gives a fuck!!
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  13. So far this could have been an email newsletter.
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  14. Ok but where is Style Savvy?

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  16. Nintendo Switch Sports? DELETE.
  17. "Online play test"

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  18. Wii golf? Mama we just mario golf

  19. Why are they releasing a fraction of the full game dd.
  20. Geez Nintendo maybe if you had developed proper online play for a game like Mario Party all that testing could have been done by now
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