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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Remaster Donkey Kong Jungle Beat COWARDS
  2. My older brother buying the Taiko drum accessory then moving out and leaving it. I will be playing Feel Special.

  3. Not all of these Octagon Tractor rip offs.
  4. Now that I’m a Little Xboxster I see how abused I was as a Nintoddler. They really put me through it for years
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  5. If I see another trailer or preview for Triangle Strategy.......
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  6. Why am I less excited for Jojo Tringle Strategy the more I see it
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  8. Sooo it’s basically Three Houses Square Enix edition?
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  9. Ms. Chalice serving cunt
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  10. One hit is all it takes
    Fallin in love again
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  11. Samus getting her suit broken off her.


    Idk anything about Metroid.
  12. Triangle Strategy looks like it'll scratch the Phantom Brave/FF Tactics itch that can only be scratched so many times by Disgaea
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  13. We're gay fuck a boss rush mode.
  14. Not these totally unnecessary Metroid Dread modes..
  15. Dread Mode, ‘can you take this new challenge’…

  16. Oh help. Online
  17. RJF


    They couldn't even remaster Earthbound LOL
  18. "You're sleeping on Earthbound/Mother"

  19. I’ve never played any AUNT game and I don’t plan to
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  20. Gee imagine there was a third game in this series huh
  21. Earthbound again. Wow.
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