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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. I haven’t finished Luigi’s Mansion 1 or 2 and I have no desire to do so but I still bought Luigi’s Mansion 3. I think I just don’t vibe with playing the series as much as I do looking at the concept art and concept.
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  2. I completed the Forgotten Land post game and the final bosses were a lot (the true final boss was a neat surprise). Space Ranger’s dodge having a counter attack really came through though! And buying a second health bar ddd.
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  3. He


    How come I never caught the Bayonetta 3 extended trailer? Mess.
    It looks so much more interesting and pretty.
  4. I am 4ish hours into Triangle Strategy (finally!), and phew this is really incredible, isn't it. It's really interesting how the battles are fairly spread out, but when you finally get to one, they're very intense and fairly lengthy (using a high amount of units, too).

    Also fairly challenging even on Normal, with each story battle so far really dragging me and the enemies down to just a few units too. The various Quality-of-life features and EXP curve are just next-level for the SRPG genre too.

    Excited to see where everything goes!
  5. I wonder what the hold-up with the new Mario & Rabbids game is. There's a bunch of fairly big Switch exclusives that were announced later but were or are being released before it (Kirby, Mario Strikers, Xenoblade 3, Fire Emblem Three Hopes, that new sports game, etc). Would be nice if it still came out in 2022, but at this point I really don't see it, especially considering Nintendo already has a bunch of big releases lined up for the rest of the year.
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  6. Does...anybody really want or need Advance Wars anymore? Bin it and just give us the GBA online!
  7. I mean its a cult classic and of the best strategy games of all time so yes.
  8. I definitely prefer the gameplay focus of Advance Wars to whatever Fire Emblem has become.
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  9. Last news article I saw last month said it was still on track for 2022. But yes, it's frustrating that Nintendo aren't even throwing us crumbs for this. I'm sure it will be worth the wait though.
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  10. I'm now thirsty for a Direct but not sure Nintendo need to do one. E3 isn't happening, and we have a packed release schedule the next few months (Mario Strikers, Xenoblade, Splatoon).
    Can imagine them binning the idea of a summer one and having one in September to give Splatoon promo and announce things for Holiday 2022 (that aren't Pokemon).
  11. My one note for Mario + Rabbids is that it's published by Ubisoft and not Nintendo themselves, and that's why I think they're less talkative about it even if it does involve their main man.
  12. I did the Mario Striker game demo.
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  13. I wonder when we will next get some Mario news. He feels long overdue for a lead title game. I'm here for Odyssey 2.

    I guess Rabbids and the crumbs of the new Kart tracks will keep be satisfied for now.
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  14. Between Party Superstars, the Kart DLC, Strikers and Rabbids potentially still coming this year I'd say there's been plenty of Mario stuff lately. But in terms of mainline games/an Odyssey sequel, I kind of don't see anything happening until the Switch 2? I guess we'll see. Then again it definitely would make sense to launch a new game along with the movie next year, but I don't see that being an Odyssey sequel.
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  15. Once, again!
    The game is out in less than 2 months, please let me give you my money NOW.
  16. Well, I certainly manifested this:

  17. could you have manifested it in like a week when I get PAID, GOD DAMN.
  18. Fucking FINALLY
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  19. It looks so good! Hoping for a Treehouse/Direct soon.
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