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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Thank you! I have been checking for this everyday even with registering interest. God. I'm going to get no work done tomorrow!
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  2. Scratch that!

    what a load of old shit!
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  3. I think the Special Edition "goodies" are also shipping AFTER the game itself for Europe and other locations, too? It's very strange, I think the move up in release date has the manufacturing plan all out of whack.
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  4. sorry to the UK girlies.
  5. Well,

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  6. Apparently only people who got their orders in within the first 30 seconds of opening have secured copies. Everyone else is stuck in malfunctioning website doom.
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  7. I had it in my cart and was in the shipping address update about 2 mins BEFORE the official tweet went out, and then the whole thing shat the bed. Currently going through all five stages of grief.
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  8. Pray for me!
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  9. Damn, the girls are thirsty for more Xenoblade dd
  10. After buying Carly tix today, I had to hold off on this one but honestly, I will have to just deal.
  11. The fact that I'm in hour 4 or 5 (time has lost all meaning) of this Xenoblade 3 ordering purgatory... pull the trigger piglet.png
  12. At least we'll always have the memes

  13. I was somewhat interested in Mario Strikers, but it seems it's very light on single player content, which is pretty much a deal breaker, oh well.
  14. Any UK Switch users not able to use any of their credit or debit cards to buy stuff from the Nintendo eShop? Every card I try just tells me I cannot use it, even on the web version of the shop. I’m going to have link my PayPal account. Just so weird as I used my debit card back in April with no issues. But now I can’t use it.
  15. Playing Coffee Talk and Hades now, borrowed from my colleague. Coffee talk is such a breeze and Hades is quite fun, but I never play those games so wish me luck!
  16. Hades is amazing, and so are the other Supergiant Games games (Bastion, Transistor and Pyre). Definitely the best indie dev to me.
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  17. Hoping and wishing and praying for a direct this week. It's time.
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  18. GOD I wish Pyre was on the Switch!
  19. Most sites are reporting by the end of the month apparently.
  20. Stardew Valley is Nintendo Switch Online game. Played it for an hour but couldn’t really get into it… Glad I’m saving my free time!
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