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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. How worth it is the Xenogay 2 DLC? I’ve thought about playing it before Xenoblade 3 comes out. (I’m also just generally in a gaming rut and looking for something new.)
  2. I finally upgraded to an OLED Switch so we can guarantee Nintendo will announce a Switch Pro to be released soon, probably on my birthday to annoy me.
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  3. It's been three months since the first batch of Mario Kart DLC tracks came out and so far not a peep about about the second... they're really gonna drag this out huh.
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  4. My Switch decided to stop powering on the other day. Has anyone else had this? I'm wondering how much it'll cost to repair and whether it's worth just buying a new one/potentially upgrading to an OLED anyway.
  5. I think the DLC is essential playing. Fun new gameplay mechanics and honestly so fleshed out it got its own retail release.
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  6. Just rescheduled a meeting because of this
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  7. They surely have to be soon?
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  8. Rumour is there's a regular Direct coming the week after the Xenoblade one, so I wouldn't be surprised if they get revealed (and released, hopefully) then.
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  9. Let me just say Xenoblade3 looks so good! However I might miss the direct tomorrow... I just kind of want to buy the game and see at this point, and I don't want to be spoiled on locations/monsters/plot etc.

    I have watched the last trailer far to many times and the way the visuals just scratch that JRPG itch just with how expressive and colorful and grand it all is, it really brings me back to a happy place where I would lose myself in these sprawling adventures after school when I was younger. We might not have the persona games on this system (boo), but we really lucked out getting this series.

    So happy its almost July!
  10. Thanks. I almost bought it yesterday but decided to wait until after the Direct airs, in case they decide to do a big Xenogay sale or something. (They won't, but alas, here I am.)

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  11. This is where I am. I don't need to be sold anymore. Like, the blood pact has already been forged.
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  12. Fall Guys being a mess upon release… Matchmaking broken, 10 fps enemies, sever crash what not. The one F2P game I look forward too…
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  13. I feel like there's a possibility of them adding the Xenoblade 2 expansion pass to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack like they did with the Splatoon one last time.
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  14. A popular free to play online game being a mess on the Switch on day one?

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  15. What if they release a Xenoblade 3 demo today... girls I will be calling in sick!
  16. the way I said this and I am, listening to the new proper nouns that will drive the story.
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  17. SCREAM

    Me to, although I'm going to tune out soon for a meeting luckily..... I'm gagged by how fucking good it looks. She's giving me best JRPG of the decade teas!
  18. G A G!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's giving game of the year girls!

    The story. The music. The graphics. The CUSTOMIZATION!!!!
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  19. ffff not me JUST now realizing that it's coming out same day as the Bey album like when XC:DE came out on Chromatica day klajglkajfgklajg Xenoblade the real big pop girl.
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