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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Um where is the special edition!
  2. I didn't watch the Direct, but I just read up on the news and I love that XC3 has both a job system and multiple characters to choose from as your seventh party member. I really need to get around to beating 1 and 2 nn
  3. Just taking the whole thing in after half watching it at work… it looks phenomenal! Just speculating but which returning characters do we think will be under the red armour! I’m ready to gag at the reveals either way.
  4. ffff There'd better be a good reason for Miss Melia to be commanding Mechon and sending children to death!

  5. Of course Nintendo announced a big summer sale that includes just about everything but Xenoblade games.
  6. Nintendo is having a pretty good sale (by Nintendo standards ddd) on the eshop right now.

    Getting ready to start Dragon Quest XI because of it.
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  7. I've actually gone back to Dragon Quest XI S literally yesterday after only playing it for a bit a while back (and having beaten the original a few years ago), and I'm hooked all over again. It's very much reinforcing its status as one of my favourite games ever. It captures that "going on a grand adventure" JRPG feel better than any other recent game I can think of, has a beautiful world that makes you want to explore every nook and cranny of, oodles of charm and personality, a great story with a loveable party and tons of gags, twists and turns, and every aspect of the gameplay is fine tuned for maximum enjoyment. It just feels the perfect encapsulation of the traditional JRPG formula, and is basically a perfect game to me.
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  8. I love hearing that! Makes me so excited about starting it. I have been wanting a classic RPG type of experience for a bit now.
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  9. Just finished the main story of Coffee stalk. What a cute little game, so sad that the creator passed away… Looking forward to the sequel / episode 2.

    the soundtrack is fantastic by the way.

    Fall Guys, looking terrible, is great fun!
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  10. Probably Just Dance 2023 in there?
    Fall Guys stuff?
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  11. Bayonetta 3, Silksong, Persona, Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters.

    There's so many good things that could come out of this even though I know in my head it'll be Just Dance and the like. Time to reach for the clown make up.
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  12. Hogwarts Legacy maybe?

    Not me totally skipping the pre-registration part and now I'm mad I don't have it! rip.

    But I won my first crown and am very proud.
  13. It'll be:
    • Just Dance
    • Fall Guys
    • Live A Live gameplay for like 10 minutes
    • Tactics Ogre Reborn official announcement
    • Person 3, 4, and 5: Dancing All Night ports
    End of show
  14. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope releasing October 20! I'm glad it's still coming this year after all.
  15. New Monkey Island???!!!
  16. PERSONA!!!!
  17. I literally bought a Playstation 3 a few months ago to play Persona 5, I can’t at this news. I’m happy though!
  18. Finallllly! Persona!!! What are the chances of physical releases?
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