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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Sigh. Wished they would release all Personas at the same time. Reaaally looking forward to 4 Golden and 3 Portable!!!
  2. I've never tried a Persona game so this looks like the moment to start. Plus Portal later today, wig.
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  3. PERSONA 5 ROYAL I can finally play you! This long con fakeout....

  4. So thrilled that Persona 5 Royal is coming to Switch! I've started and stopped the vanilla Persona 5 so many times, and then gave up because I figured I'd eventually play through Royal anyway--but held out for a portable version.

    Oh happy day, indeed.
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  5. I thought the Mega Man Battle Network collection sounded nice.

    Now to manifest Mega Man Legends and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne being remastered...
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  6. 65C2758F-5A00-44AE-BDE9-59AF2F997D66.jpeg
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  7. Would have liked them all of course but I’ll take P5R physical!
  8. 0:20 Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
    4:06 Nier Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition
    5:36 Loreleo and The Laser Eye
    6:26 Super Bomberman R 2
    7:04 Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection
    7:38 Pac-man World Re-Pac
    8:16 Blanc
    9:16 Return to Monkey Island
    11:06 Mario + Rabbits Sparks of Hope
    14:00 Little Noah: Scion of Paradise
    14:39 Railgrade
    15:14 RPG Time: The Legend of Wright
    15:50 Sonic Frontiers
    17:06 Disney Dreamlight Valley
    18:08 Live A Live
    18:44 Doraeomon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom
    19:21 Minecraft Legends
    19:51 Dragon Quest Treasures
    20:52 Show Reel
    21:45 Portal Companion Collection
    22:23 Harvestella
    23:56 Persona 5 Royal, Persona 4 Golden, Persona 3 Portable

    The one time I don't watch a Direct, the line-up turns out to be basically one fave after the other ff. Going to have to watch it later.
  9. I am so incredibly excited to not have to see "Persona on Switch when?" under every single Nintendo of America tweet anymore. The biggest win of the entire Direct!
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  10. Harvestella looks like a great take on the farming/battle sim genre and lowkey think It might be pretty good too!! Gays really won!
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  11. The funny part is the two games I am most excited for the Switch this year (Rabbids + Persona 5 Royal) are coming out on consecutive days. Help!
  12. RPG Time looked really cute as well.
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  14. Is Nier going to be cloud-based? nn
  15. It's not. Now whether it's going to run well is another question entirely nn
  16. Huh, no Bayonetta? People were very certain we would see Bayonetta… Oops!
  17. Well, Platinum has done miracles before!
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  18. It’s not being ported by them, it’s another studio called Virtuos. The Japanese Nier Twitter account posted that it’ll be 30fps (1080p docked, 720p handheld) so I guess that’s how it manages to run on Switch. Should be fine tbh if they can keep it locked to that.
  19. Well, they wouldn't show Bayonetta, a first party game, at a partner showcase, right? I know they did show the new Mario + Rabbids, but that's a Ubisoft game.
  20. So excited for the Switch girls to join the P5R fold! Probably going to throw my money at it for the third time since my PS4 is running on fumes these days.
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