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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Imagine if there's cross progression between the playstation and switch for Persona 5. It's probably impossible, but it would be so so helpful.
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  2. Oh, I know that. GameFAQs was certain it was happening. Like no question.
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  3. I’m pumped for the Pac Man World remake! A colourful platformer is exactly what I want right now and Pac Man World 2 on GameCube was one of my favourite childhood games.
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  4. Bayonetta is a third-party game series though, she’s owned by Sega/Platinum Games yet Nintendo is the one keeping her alive (exclusively).
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  5. But Bayonetta 3 is being published by Nintendo, so I think it counts as a first party release? Whereas Mario + Rabbids is being published by Ubisoft.
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  6. No it doesn’t. The whole “party” thing is related to who owns the rights to the franchise.
  7. Well, either way it's being published by Nintendo, so it wouldn't really make sense to include it in a partner showcase.
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  8. Agreed 100%. Nintendo is aware this is a hotly anticipated title (and it’s one of the rare times they’ve invested a lot into keeping alive when it isn’t even their own). It would’ve been a complete waste for them.
  9. Doesn't the party thing refers to who develops the game? In this case, first party refers to Nintendo developed and published. Second party would refer to being developed for Nintendo by a company that Nintendo either partly owns or has an exclusive contract with (like the Pokemon games, or Kirby games) and third party are games developed and published by everyone else.

    In Bayonetta's case, Sega own the rights to Bayonetta and could fund a new game if they wished. But Nintendo do own Bayonetta 2 and 3 games. Sega can't touch those games without Nintendo agreeing to it. Bayonetta 2 would therefore be a 'second party' title for Nintendo.

    PORTAL on Switch is wonderful. I've not played these games in so long. They run wonderfully on Switch too. I've seen someone has already got Half-Life 2 running on Switch by modding this port. As they too was released on the Nvidia Shield which is essentially a Switch, I wonder if we'll get Half-Life 2 should Portal sell well? £13.49 for the two games I thought was super reasonable.
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  10. So I went to good ol’ Google and Bayonetta’s party status is actually a very contentious topic with the majority opinion differing by location (Reddit, gamefaqs, etc) and time.

    The facts are it’s a First-Party Game (here are your flowers @soratami ) of a Third-Party IP developed by a Third-Party Developer (Nintendo doesn’t own PlatinumGames).
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  12. it doesn’t have to own them but by funding the game and publishing it it they have a contract with Platinum to develop the game exclusively for Switch. So I think that makes it second party.
  13. According to some industry heads such as Insomniac Games, a “second party” game isn't actually a thing and it was made up by people/publications to concisely discuss Rare and Nintendo’s relationship back in the day. Even the Wikipedia entry on developers calls this tier “a colloquialism” as opposed to the entries for First & Third party.

    It’s all a technicality, ddd. All I know is that Bayonetta 3, an exclusive for the Switch, is a highly anticipated title and that all the cigs on here better buy multiple copies.
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  14. Bayonetta is complicated. Just take away that Sega own the entire IP, Nintendo funded the development and publish 2 and 3, Platinum games create them.

    Sega can’t do anything with 2 and 3 without Nintendo’s permission and Nintendo can’t do anything Bayonetta without Segas permission.

    If Sega had the unlikely urge to port the games to other consoles they would have to seek approval from Nintendo. This isn’t uncommon in recent years though, with Nintendo giving The Wonderful 101 back to Platinum and Fatal Frame 5 back to KoeiTecmo.
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  15. all of this over a game thats been stuck in development hell for 5 years with nothing to show for it


    u know u that bitch when u cause all this conversation

  16. This looks so cute and I will be snagging. I'm bummed about no Bayonetta but I have so much shit to play I'll be fine for a bit. I'm curious about No Man's Sky coming to Switch considering how much effort has gone into it, I might be snagging it.
  17. Hope any of the divas that want a XC3 Limited get them today. I'm still broke so it ain't happening but! I wish you well.
  18. I somehow got an order last time and was charged, but my order history on the Nintendo site got all weird (the title and image are gone) and I refuse to even attempt to try to do another one today. If I actually get my order processed, awesome, otherwise it's all in Zanza's hands at this point.
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  19. Sent my Pro Controller to Nintendo a few days ago since both analog sticks were drifting bad, and they just e-mailed me the repair cost and it's just 12€ less than it would cost to buy a new one

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  20. Wait a Pro controller has joycon drift too? Whut?

    Also we played some rounds of Fall Guys during lunch at work today, was fun. I am getting more crowns, hurray!
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