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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. I meant the analog sticks, not joycons, but yeah. Oddly enough my joycons used to drift a bit too at one point, but I think the last time it happened was like one or two years ago and they've been just fine since then.

    Actually not sure if it'd be better to have the controller repaired or just leave it there and buy a new one. On the one hand I imagine a repaired controller is probably less likely to suffer from drift than a regular one (right?), but on the other hand a new one would have a brand new battery and longer warranty.

    Edit: Turns out they're actually sending a new controller (with full warranty) as replacement rather than repairing the one I sent, so that's that settled.
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  2. Finally started Dragon Quest XI and it's so adorable and classique. I might be a Little Slimester after playing this.
  3. [​IMG]

    I'm hungry and want it!

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  4. I played the original PS4 version but it’s a fantastic game. I sunk about 150 hours into the game in total. Sylvando is honestly iconic.
  5. Nintendo support calling me to say the regular Pro Controller wasn't in stock and if, rather than waiting for it to be back in stock, I wanted a Splatoon one instead dd. It's a shame it's that one specifically, because I would have happily taken any of the other special controllers, but the Splatoon one is just ugly.
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  6. you're ugly.
  7. Haven’t been to a Stonecold in over a decade but I’m about to pull up.
  8. Feel like pure shit just want the next wave of Mario Kart DLC.
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  9. Lots of Youtube channels and outlets are publishing their first impressions of Xenoblade 3 and... it's a hit!

    Here's about 10 minutes of gameplay:

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  10. Faggin' Quest XI update: When the vision of Cobblestone fades away, and its revealed the entire town was destroyed...I was devastated! And him getting to see his grandfather one last time...I got teary, girlies!
  11. If that got you teary...

  12. Me going through Lonalulu the other day

  13. Dragon Quest XI is a masterpiece. It makes you feel things.
  14. I love how, despite most of the game generally being pretty light-hearted, the more emotional moments are pulled off so well. Honestly, meeting Chalky got me a bit misty-eyed too.
  15. Am I going to buy Dragon Quest Treasures in December mainly because in my head the Hero and Erik are an iconic gay couple? Maybe so.
  16. Dragon Quest Treasures does look really fun. A DQ11 monster-collecting spin-off? Sign me up. Great having that to look forward to after beating DQ11S.

    Speaking of spin-offs, do you girls like the DQ Builders games? I love DQ (obviously), but I never got around to playing those. The Minecraft-y gameplay just isn't that appealing to me, but I wonder if they'd still be enjoyable.
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  17. Have I missed chat about Fire Emblem Warriors Three Houses? I’m a sucker for the mindlessness of a Warriors, and enjoyed the last one, but never played Three Houses nn. Any impressions?
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  18. Dragon Quest Builders was the first DQ game I'd ever played and I loved it. I never played the second one, but it's supposedly even better.
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  19. While we're on the topic of Dragon Quest...let me light some prayer candles that we get at least some more info about DQXII this year. The fact that it feels like they've really hit their stride with what is most likely the best entry in the series this many years in has me absolutely perched for what the next game has in store.
  20. This looks fun!

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