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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. WHAT class combo does this? I need this in my life immediately.
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  2. For the Topple art, you need to master Guardian Commander, a class you can acquire in the Colony 9 area. For the Break one, it's Yumsmith, which you'll get naturally progressing the story --- I think towards the end of chapter 3.
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  3. Ive been really enjoying the classes system, I don't mind switching constantly because I want to test them all out anyway. I do already have a few favorites that I def will return too! (And some heroes I stan too)

    Im also really feeling like Im getting into a good rhythm with the combat system.

    also, chapter 5

    The end of chapter 4 was fantastic and I really feel the story is hitting its groove, the fight with the queen was so sudden and the cutscenes!!! [chef kisses] Chapter 5 feels like a whole new era of the story and game and the great sword areas are so fucking beautiful!!! I cant wait to spend some time going back to do some side quests again after the castle stuff!
  4. Faggin' Quest XI update:
    Okay so I'm finally getting the hang of
    the post-credits part of the game/storyline. I restored Cobblestone and the store that opened up is insanely good. I still need to complete the last part of Drustan's Labyrinth before I feel I'm ready to face Calasmos. I've completed the actual level of the third labyrinth but have not beaten the final boss that's a part of Drustan's "test."

    Also, fuck Master Pang's last two trials!
  5. This game is so funny. “Sparks” this “snuffin’” that and then Eunie out of nowhere says “feathers are a bitch to dry.”
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  6. Well, I beat Dragon Quest XI girlies. What an amazing game - and truly maybe my favorite RPG since Golden Sun 1 & 2.
    I ended up getting most of my party to level 79/80 and Calasmos ended up being a fun fight as a result.

    Those King Metal Slimes during Drustan's last trial are truly the MVPs.
  7. Just an incredible game, so much quality content and an astounding world to get lost in. I sunk 100+ hours into it (the standard edition) and I still didn't feel like it overstayed its time.

    Maybe you already know about it, but if you want to get to level 99 for the trophies there's a method in the endgame that will get you there in an hour or two:
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, sissy! I loved this game and its characters while I hated Erdrick's horrible hairstyle. I got very emotional when
    they were able to save Serenica. I still don't fully understand the little time creatures but maybe I need to play more of Tickington and the post-game for that?
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  9. Finished chapter 5 and I have NO words. The plot twists, the boss rushes, the voice acting! Absolutely incredible. I'll be gagged and gooped for days.
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  10. The way I'm still in Chapter 4 of Xenogay and at level 50 now...nn.
  11. For a brand new green Xenoblade/gay player, where should one begin? Should I start at the new one?
  12. They’re all accessible without playing the other. 3 is probably more enjoyable getting the references to 1 and 2 but you could play either of those interchangeably. I had forgotten most of 1 by the time the DE came out after playing the original way back in the day so basically came to 2 fresh and it was still very enjoyable.
  13. Same! I’ve had to avoid leveling up when resting, otherwise unlocking new Hero classes becomes a chore.

    That said, I am choosing which classes to assign to whom based entirely on aesthetics.
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  14. Having the same experience. I'm in Chapter 3 and and am a solid 14+ levels ahead of the enemies in the main story path. Living out all of my anime power fantasies right now!
  15. You can really start with any of them, but my suggestion is to play 1 & 2 as a pair regardless of if you play 3 first or last. They're not directly required for the other plot-wise (you can play them in either order) but they are very much siblings for a variety of reasons.
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  16. Yeah, I'm like, I get to run through these hoes? No problem!
  17. Does Xenoblade 3 still give you experience for finding out of the way/hidden locations? That was one of my favorite things about the original.
  18. Yep, and it gets pooled in a "Bonus EXP" that you can choose when to assign out when at camp. So you can somewhat avoid over-leveling but who has the restraint to do that?
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