Splatoon is growing on me, teebs, even though the gameplay is janky. I think the world-building and creative approach is really cleverly done. Whew the immersion.
I've seen a lot of my friends who were previously ambivalent towards Splatoon online this weekend playing 3, so they are clearly doing something right. I'm pretty shocked at how popular it actually is. I still don't think it's for me.

Meanwhile, I'm over here playing the TemTem switch release and kind of getting my life?
Its really great on switch and I couldn't imagine playing it on any other platform!
Splatoon 3 sold 3.45 million in Japan in the first three days, more than any other Switch game ever. It's wild just how popular the series is there.

Also the largest game launch in Japan, ain't it?

So far the best selling first week in Japan history was Pokémon Black & White with 2,637,285... So yeah Splatoon 3 kinda obliterated them all.

Where my Inklings at?

Not me having booked tickets to the cinema straight after work tomorrow meaning I won't be able to watch the Direct until late at night.

I have no idea how streaming some advertising is disrespectful to Liz's memory or whatever but go off.

I don't give a shit about Wind Waker/ Twilight Princess as I'm one of the 12 million fools who bought a WiiU. Give me Metroid Prime again though, a game as good as that deserves to be released from the vault.
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Literally what difference does uploading the video instead of livestreaming it make fff

Anyway, I'm perched. These next few months are already so stacked, but yes, bring on more announcements. Hope the Zelda remasters are finally among them.