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Yeah I'm very sad that Wind Waker is probably never going to happen but I am thrilled by a good number of announcements!
I barely know anyone who doesn't have a Switch and then either an Xbox or Playstation so I guess I don't expect it to be an everything console. Especially as it becomes increasingly underpowered.

Also half the time people complain of 'no games' and ignore most the amazing indies putting out top tier titles sooooo
Not Miyamoto pulling some tricksies to try and get us into Pikmin Bloom before announcing a proper sequel.

I'm SO happy this was announced. The 3DS games were way better than they ever should've been and I've been looking for ways to emulate the Arcade-only edition for months. Yath!

Also... new Octopath? Wig.
I'm really looking forward to Octopath 2. If they fix the issues the first one had, which going by trailer it looks like they have, and implement some of the best features from Triangle Strategy (namely an actually interesting and engaging narrative), it could be a really excellent game.

That, Sparks of Hope, the Danganronpa-esque one, Harvestella and Theathrhythm are the ones I'm looking forward to the most I think. Definitely curious to check out Various Daylife today too.