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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. I'm so torn because I've been thirsty for new Fire Emblem but 'Engage' has to be one of the worst titles for a new entry in an established series like, ever? I like that they're trying new things but those maps are looking a bit thin like Three Houses so let me perch with caution.
  2. BTG


    When you have nine pages to catch up and realise it was either a really good Direct or a rubbish one. Nothing in between.

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  3. The new gameplay from Bayonetta 3.

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  4. When am I getting that jellicle cat one that everyone’s talking about
  5. I think I'm most excited for the next batch of N64 Games on Switch Online. There's a lot of farm-themed games at the moment that don't do anything for me (even though I am playing Dreamlight Valley right now).

    And I never finished Breath of the Wild because I kept getting sidetracked and then lost. In my game Zelda is dead, re-born, and died again.
  6. I still have my N64 and booted up Goldeneye a few years back and girlies its a mess. I loved it at the time but it really hasn't aged well so hopefully they don't just direct port and smooth out a lot of the edges. The Pokemon Stadium games will be a lot of fun!

    Also Tears of the Kingdom looks like its going to be great fun, a bit disappointed we have to wait until May but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
  7. Thrilled they're finally freeing Fatal Frame 4 from the Wii and also translating it for the first time. It's the only one I haven't played and I've been nearing trying the fan translation for a while now.

    I presume we'll get the first trilogy released/remastered next year? Although, a Fatal Frame 1 remake in the style of Maiden of Black Water could be particularly interesting to me.
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  8. Nn that "falling through the clouds" stuff in the new Zelda was giving me Skyward Sword. We have so little to go on from that trailer, but I am very excited nonetheless.
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  9. The Tsunami girl....

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  10. I thought it was a remake of an old one or something fffff

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  11. Not me completely missing the Xenoblade DLC reveal.
  12. My octobussy is shaking
  13. He


    Viola looks so annoying, I hope she doesn’t take too much time from Bayonetta and Jeanne.
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  14. I fucking love farming games and have ever since Harvest Moon 64 so this one was for the Little Tsunamis all around the world.
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  15. Not Nintendo having their very own Impossible Princess moment.
  16. Twitter can be so savage and flame the fire ...

    Randomly, I would love for Kylie to make an appearance in the Zelda franchise. A less annoying Navi would be the obvious choice. Being one of the fountain fairies along with other Pop Royalty would be more spectacular ...
  17. Ddd that's tame for twitter this past week
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  18. While I'm sad we never got Metroid Prime or Advance Wars we do have Bayonetta, Fire Emblem, Pikmin, Kirby etc, all of which I will play, so I consider myself fed.

    I'll get excited for Zelda when they show more than 20 seconds of it.
  19. I should be mad that the Zelda trailer is yet again so brief. But I get that it serves mostly as a title reveal poster. It also reveals some very intriguing story elements with the stone carvings and gives some other crumbs, such as malice oozing out of Death Mountain.

    I reckon a story trailer will be in February with that release date.
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