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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. All Stars made me absolutely despise Sunshine after loving it for years. At least Galaxy was still a serve.
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  2. It’s so annoying and completely underwhelming.

    However as a Solar Panelist I won’t be accepting any more Sunshine slander beyond this!

  3. Also a Japanese overview trailer that shows Jeanne has playable parts in the chapters and customisation??

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  4. He


    The combat looks a bit odd, not as smooth at all. But excited to see how they tackled this one. Hope it surprises.
    Intrigued about Bayo from one timeline dying and leaving a job to short haired witch.
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  5. Re: the Xenogay 3 final boss battle:

    Who on this development team thought it would be a good idea to make me replay this ultra-tedious first part against Z upon dying? Especially after spending the whole game not having to replay parts of boss battles.
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    Pretty nice preview on Bayo 3

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  7. If you want a proper HD port of Mario 64, the PC port is… out there.
  8. Super Mario Sunshine is quite good but it's absolutely the worst game in that collection. At times it's straight up not fun.
  9. That's pretty disgusting... but nothing is gonna stop me playing this game, sorry Queen Hellena.
  10. I have to imagine they probably paid Jennifer Hale more anyways. Jennifer is an iconic voice actress with dozens of roles in video games and cartoons over the last couple decades. Hellena really only has had Bayonetta. So they must have thought they could lowball her with their offer.
    But yeah, voice actors really don't get paid their worth unfortunately- $4k is insulting.
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  11. I'm about to start playing Xenogay 3
    Absolute zero knowledge of this game, the franchise or the plot. I just read it had amazing reviews and looks a little Final Fantasy-lite.
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  12. He


    It’s pretty sad. Maybe asking for boycott of the game was not the best move as people are focusing on that, instead of voice actors or workers deserving a decent and fair pay for their job.

    Kamiya tweeted some unkind cryptic message about it.
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  13. BTG


    Kamiya has since deleted his Twitter. Mess.

    Kind of wild to see how much this is blowing up. Though some reports are now suggesting that they had decided to cast Jennifer Hale and that Hellena’s role was
    a variant Bayonetta (with few lines)
    which, if true, makes that offer of basic scale pay a bit more believable. Still a slap in the face to her though.

    My biggest takeaway from this is just how little these actors are getting paid. Gamers get annoyed at seeing the same people constantly cast to provide voice work and complain that they’re taking away roles from other actors, but if that’s the kind of basic payment for X hours work, it’s no wonder even big names like Jennifer Hale are auditioning for everything going. Though I’m sure as a well-known voice actor, she’s probably getting a bit better than the basic rate.
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  14. Hellena has absolutely every right to be furious, but the jabs at Jennifer Hale when she likely didn't know any better were uncalled for, and the frankly weird send-off with Jesus, Lazarus and Abraham felt like something I shouldn't have seen.
  15. He


    Apparently disgruntled fans are saying they’ll buy the game twice or three times, ddd. The way some people defend corporations…

    I don’t think boycotting the game is a solution, and sadly it seems all the attention is making sales shoot up quite a bit.

    It’s dire that they value the voice of Bayo, which plays a big role in her being so iconic, so little.

    Dd wait what? I didn’t get there.
  16. BTG


    Noooooo I missed this I-

  17. That sucks a lot but for her to say “if you’re someone who cares about people then boycott this game…” is hella manipulative and where she lost me.
  18. I finally got around to playing it too, it is a lot of fun, and surprisingly meaty. Also, Rabbid Peach remains a gay icon

  19. Donkey and cranky rabbid served tew much misogyny for me
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