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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Yeah there are also limits on how much you can level up your Sparks too, based on your current level. Makes no sense in terms of gameplay or lore etc
  2. Rob


    I'm really enjoying Sparks of Hope but probably played it a bit too much last night. It feels like a game that's better in small bursts as it can start to feel a bit repetitive.

    Thankfully they got rid of all the block-moving nonsense from the original game, the overworld level-design flows so much better.
  3. Yeah and I love the mini open worlds they’ve created, rather than having linear gameplay.

    they’ve done well to RPG-ify the franchise
  4. Bayonetta 3 reviews are coming in and it seems to be another banger of a game. I particularly love this review by Gamespot already:

    This is honestly my most anticipated game of the year. I’m so ready to get camp this Friday.
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  5. He


    Yeah the reviews seem incredibly favorable. Only thing that seems an issue is the graphics, specially environments. I really want to play this! Maybe 2023 is the year I get a Switch.
  6. I can’t believe they didn’t reissue the second game physically for a limited time as well.
  7. The amount of straights in their feelings and feeling oppressed by the mean LGBT community on the Bayonetta subreddit is hilarious.

    Honestly, between this and the MK fandom not understanding the appeal and stanning of Mileena, I’m starting to think most gamers that identify as straight are stupid and live in their own echo chamber.
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  8. He


    Ddd wait, what’s the issue with the Bayo queer fandom?
  9. I meant that sarcastically since straights are saying they’re being “made to feel like they can’t be straight and like Bayonetta” and that gays are “gatekeeping”.

    Peruse through this thread for some gems.
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  10. Me with pop music and the few straights on this forum
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  11. The Bayonetta 3 reviews have all been terrific, the only complaint I've really seen is from certain fans about the ending... Which I'm surprised about cause I figured out the ending just based on the preview trailers, so I was ready for it.

    My copy should be arriving tomorrow but I'm so busy I won't even be able to play it til Sunday, devastating.
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  12. Was very amused to see that Bayonetta had a software update yesterday when I went to check it because I wanted to go through before the new one. My copy doesn't arrive until like Nov. 10? That's fine I'm still Splatooning and baiting.
  13. The first trailer for Bayonetta 3 made it look really drab and didn’t hype me at all. But the reviews have been fantastic and I can’t wait to pick it up next week now.
  14. BTG


    Meanwhile, Hellena Taylor, having been exposed as a liar, is now suggesting her fans donate to charity and happily admitted she donated to a pro-life one. Sis.
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  15. What a car crash of it all. Rip
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  16. There’s also rumours that she’s a TERF.
  17. He


    Ms Taylor… what a car crash.
  18. Nn considering everything l will absolutely be purchasing Bayonetta 3 and continuing to stan Jennifer Hale! Hellena Taylor you will never be famous!
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  19. Mess. Anyway my special edition arrived and I’m away, can’t wait to get home!
  20. What the fuck is Bayo wearing on this cruise ship
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