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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. This GameSpot article about Super Mario Galaxy's 15th anniversary is a scream.

    Some excerpts:

    "Galaxy centers on the cosmic interconnection of life and death, and the scattered, unconscious possibility of rebirth."

    "But Mario Galaxy offers something more fundamental. Its sadness is not a tonal dalliance or a joke or an accidental effect of colliding mechanics. "

    "weighty and metaphysical"

    "Galaxy weaves together that mundanity with its galactic scale. "It's good sense to revere the stars," Carl Sagan said on Cosmos, "for we are their children." Because sunlight feeds plants, which in turn feed all animal life, we are in a real sense, mothered by the stars. Mario Galaxy is a game about that kind of poetry. It turns the stars into children themselves, reforming the universe into human cycles of life and death."

    "We, too, live and die, are born and reborn. Our deaths make matter for the lives that will come before us, just as the deaths of countless stars created the matter we are made of. "

    Like... it's a Mario game set in space

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  2. I didn't know Rob Sheffield had branched out to video games.
  3. In fairness...that is a fair interpretation of the game's story dddd

    Like its a pretty melancholy game in places and the Storybook sequences and especially the ending are very much that

  4. This theme with the desert setting, especially after finishing Primrose chapter one...
  5. the way this thread gaslights me into wanting to play octopath after I've bounced off it twice...your power.
  6. I spent like five hours playing Octopath, and I want to like it so badly. I always struggle with JRPGs, though. My casual brain always gets so overwhelmed with the mechanics and stats.

    I want a Golden Sun remake.
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  7. Are there any recommendations for good JRPGs on the Switch that aren’t hugely expensive? I want to try Octopath Traveler but I’m going to wait to see if it comes down in price once the sequel comes out…
  8. Octopath’s gameplay is extremely satisfying but the structure of the story makes it very difficult for it to keep my attention, honestly.
  9. I would say I see the World Ends With You games get discounted often?
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  10. Octopath is actually half off on the eShop right now because of the Black Friday sale.

    A bunch of other JRPGs are on sale too, might be a good idea to have a browse. I think the two Ni No Kuni and two Valkyria Chronicles games are often heavily discounted, if you haven't played those. All four are excellent.
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  11. Persona 5 Royal
    Dragon Quest XI S
    Shin Megami Tensei V
    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (if you can find it on sale)

    They're all very long, very 'purist' JRPG (ie: strictly turn-based), and should be on varying levels of sale over the next month (other than maybe Tokyo Mirage Sessions). If you're willing to branch out to tactical RPGs, Phantom Brave is one of my favorite games ever and got a double release on Switch with Soul Nomad (admittedly, haven't played it), and isn't at full retail price.
  12. Thanks all for the recommendations! I might play the demo of Octopath and see how I get on, it’s on sale for over a week it seems… I’ve also noted the other games and added to my wish list.
  13. Triangle Strategy is the supreme HD2D SwitcH RPG! Floptopath wishes!
  14. I'm actually also considering playing either Triangle Strategy or Octopath - but I've heard the former has very little actual gameplay, and that the latter's story isn't that good.
  15. Triangle Strategy has a bit of a Fire Emblem situation where there’s like one major fight per chapter with smaller optional ones (that are still very worthwhile and fun) that increase in size and intricacy as the story goes on. The beginning feels a bit story heavy, but especially once it really gets going the battles get pretty long and very rewarding to succeed in. One of my favorite games of the year easily.
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  16. Yeah between Triangle and Octopath I'd pick Triangle any day, though they're very different games, and both worth playing.

    Another great Switch JRPG that hasn't been mentioned yet is Bravely Default 2.
  17. I forgot to use my coins for my €0,99 purchase... Somehow I missed it during the check-out screen.
    And usually the gold ones expire for me so I gotta remember next time, eeks.

  18. I wholeheartedly agree with Petty Ranch Dressing that Triangle Strategy is the better game.
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  19. As the Fire Emblem stan I feel morally obligated to play Triangle Strategy at some point but all the talk of dialogue dumps has made me apprehensive. I'll likely snag it when it's on sale to hopefully play between finishing Octopath 1 and Octopath 2 dropping.

    I ended up giving up on Bravely Default 2 because the chibi art was actively annoying me nn.
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  20. Just finished Bayonetta 3, I’m going to have to sit with the ending for a bit because I wasn’t expecting any of it and I still have plenty of questions…

    However the whole Paris sequence was amazing and Baal is an icon! The way I screamed when I realised what the battle had turned into.
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