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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Octomom and Tringle are both great games ok!
  2. Has anyone played the Tactics Ogre remake?
  3. XXX


    Great choices and hugely improved graphics this time around but at the same time I'm a little disappointed that again there is no GameCube track.
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  4. Can't wait to go through each of the cups twice and not touch the game again for the following four months.
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  5. I think I only play it longer than 5 minutes at a time whenever a friend is coming over, where we just chat while destroy kids online.
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    Meanwhile I'll be doing the 3 star 150cc, 200cc, mirror cups and time trials for all new tracks.
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  7. Just grabbed Sparks of Hope (Gold Edition) on a Black Friday sale


  8. I think this looks so cute. And hey, Pratt's doing a Mario voice!
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  9. I think it looks great but also I lowkey dislike Peach's new face, tiny quibbles.
  10. He


    Oh that looks pretty great. Love the animation. All the Mario franchise nods are lovely.
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  11. The way everyone except for Jack Black sound nothing remotely close to the characters is still going to trip me up but it looks like a fun movie.
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  12. He


    Peach just sounds like the actor playing her. I wish they would get actors that can at least do voice acting. It’s not taking me out though.
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  13. It'd be nice to have them attempt at voice acting, outside of Jack Black (and even Charlie Day) because... he knows what's necessary. The thing is, I think Anya Taylor-Joy could do a decent Peach impression but I wonder if the directors/voice directors want something that isn't that. It looks really great and rather faithful to the source material though. Peach's biker outfit was a nice surprise to see!
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  14. Hmm I thought Charlie Day sounded exactly like Charlie Day. But it does kind of work for Luigi if you decide they’re not Italian.
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  15. I love Charlie Day but Peach's face is cursed.
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  16. Yeah something was off… her wig looked flat too?
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  17. I hate when these animated movies get big stars to do the voices... instead of actual talented voice actors who can create a voice. A voice actor needs to look at a character and imagine what their voice would be and emulate that. But these celeb filled animated films where the actors just read the lines in their own voice really miss the mark. At least Jack Black has such an animated voice already, plus he's a bit unhinged when it comes to his acting that that fits. Everyone else is like... are you even... trying?

    The animation looks absolutely stunning though. And all the references to the games is really special. I'm really glad this is a fully animated project and not a Sonic situation (animated characters mixed in a live action world) because all the environments and such just look so beautifully crafted and so inspired from the games.
    I'm excited to watch. Just... wish they got some actors who were going to try.
  18. That voice does not work for Peach. It should be high pitched and effeminate to match her original character! Peach has always been the damsel in distress, and flipping the script on her like they did with Bo Peep in Toy Story doesn't really feel right in the first installment of the franchise?

    If she she took on that roll in the sequel that would be great character development from what we've always seen, but sticking to the source for the first movie feels like the better option to me.

    Having the first movie be a "Mario saves Peach" would make a lot more sense with the history of the franchise.

    Also fuck Chris Pratt to hell and back.
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  19. Forgetting that I was Switch friends with @RJF until the name suddenly popped up mid-Kart race

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