I'm pretty sure BotW was always more expensive than every (?) other Switch game, at least on the Nintendo eShop. I just checked and it's € 69.99. So what's the big drama now? It's not like that price automatically translates to how much other stores will sell it for, and if you buy your games on the eShop you probably have too much money anyway.
On Dutch gaming websites the pre-order for Tears of the Kingdom has been above 60 euros since forever where new games are usually between 50-55 euros. I thought that was odd but I guess they just decided to prize the new Zelda game higher than normal. It makes sense now after seeing the prize on the e-shop.

I was waiting to see if they would lower the prizes for the pre-order but I guess it's safe to assume that they won't and I should just order now.
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I would be surprised if there isn’t some kind of tease for a new Mario game for late this year. It’s been six years; surely something is coming to sync up with the film. Everything else potentially big kinda feels awkward in timing.

Anyway, in terms of absolute hysterical requests give me Golden Sun remakes and sequels or give me DEATH!!!!
Tears of the Sphincter her enigma curtains being tugged slowly upwards in a matter of hours, perhaps? After YEARS of waiting...? A moment most potentially world-changing for you in your existence. Yes. You tremble. Pain shoots through your bingo wings. Koroks manifest in the corners of the converted utility closet you dub your 'room'.

Legitimately though, that's the sequel to one of the best games of all time, and I only added 'one of' to spare your cholesterol levels. The pressure that had. The practical impossibility of satisfying anyone's expectations that had. The likelihood of the original game earning a price reduction of more that 5% at any point that did not had. I am SOOOO curious to see what they've actually done with it. Panting.
If we're talking unrealistic hopes, a couple of IPs I'd love to see on the Switch:

Ever Oasis - the first (and so far only) one got a bit lost in the shuffle as one of the last 3DS exclusives, but it was a really fun mix of Zelda and Animal Crossing and deserves a sequel

Culdcept - Culdcept Revolt was another late 3DS exclusive, and actually ended up as one of my most played games on the console. It's not a very well known series but it's a mix of turn-based strategy, tabletop game and card game which I think could work super well on the Switch
OK, Nintendo - do your worst.