Only just remembered that Advance Wars is coming next month. Between the full retail price and being right before Zelda's release, they're really just sending it out for slaughter, huh?

I honestly think it might do better than it's original release window where it felt like there was an onslaught of strategy games. But who could say really.
GBA games I will be spending premium dollar on next month?


That’s only $8 per game!
I've been so close to pulling the trigger on Battle Network for multiple years, can someone please either convince or dissuade me? I'm an RPG and SRPG girlie with a tiny attention span.
I've been so close to pulling the trigger on Battle Network for multiple years, can someone please either convince or dissuade me? I'm an RPG and SRPG girlie with a tiny attention span.

The battle system is a deckbuilding action RPG. You build a deck of chips you take into battle and battles happen on a 3x6 grid split in half between you and the opponent. At the start of each round, you select chips from your hand. Chips function like your typical RPG skills and spells: close range, long range, boosts, passive effects, and even summons. Once you've selected your chips, you enter the real time battle portion. Here you can obviously move freely around your grid to dodge oncoming attacks, fire Megaman's buster for weak damage, and use your selected chips. Accessing your hand has a 10 second cooldown but once that is up you can pause the battle and select a fresh hand of chips (you draw the same amount you took previously). Rinse and repeat! There is a good amount of complexity and strategy involved from the deckbuilding element, to the sequence of the chips you take and when you use them, timing your dodges and waiting for proper openings before attacking, there's an elemental system, you can alter the grid/environment, form changes, etc. It's not esoteric at all and you'll catch on pretty quickly as the learning curve is fairly generous.

Contrary to how often the action pauses, battles are very fast paced and can be bullet hellish. It's definitely heavy on the action portion of action RPG as you're going to be rewarded for your reflexes as much as you are on your ability to strategize in advance. It can get frustrating but incredibly fun. It's very rewarding when you finally get an enemy's pattern down and start figuring out some good chip combos.

Beyond the battle system you navigate the world/net as Lan/Megaman with various overworld puzzles and fetch quests put in your way (YMMV game to game). One frequent trope is exploring the real world and finding electronics to jack in (yes that is the official terminology they went for!!) to access the net. The characters and designs are fantastic, while the plot ranges from serviceable to pretty good.
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Temenos is a surprise favorite - his story mostly likely being the core of what’s going on across the land, his sass, his banter with Crick, and his latent power?

We stan a queen. (He quickly took Ochette’s place on my main team.)
I beat Lil Gator Game yesterday and I absolutely loved it. It's genuinely hilarious (I laughed out loud many times) and also adorable and just a joy to play. And quite affecting too, the sibling relationship at the center of the game is so well done. Really couldn't recommend it more to anyone wanting to play something light-hearted, good-natured and relaxing.
And here im still playing first game. About to start the final fourth chapter out of 8: Primrose. I love the ominous music when you get to certain cities/towns like Riverford, Wispermill and in this case Everhold...
Im only halfway thru the chapter 2 stories but someone tell me Agnea becomes useful...

I'm not that far yet, but with the boosted dances and the ability to make single target abilities affect the whole party/all enemies, I could actually easily see her become one of the best characters in the game later on. Early on the ability to break shields regardless of weaknesses definitely comes in handy too.
Castti’s chapter 2 boss was the first one I had a little trouble with… but serves me right for being slightly underlevelled
The eShop on Wii U & 3DS closes in 7 days... Why isn't Nintendo heavily discounting shit to milk every last dime out of it before it goes? Not like they'll be losing money on these titles since they'll be defunct anyway. Stupid ass company!

The way I'm just hoping so hard for Square Enix to discount the Dragon Quest VII and VIII remakes right before...Capcom really did the thing by discounting nearly everything. Getting every Ace Attorney game for essentially 3 dollars each? we live. Outside of the Layton collab sorry not paying full price.
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Also, with the revelation recently that the WiiU can brick itself if it’s not used for a period of time is hilarious. Any unboxed in collections could be dead already haha!