Really? I didn't notice anything when I played it, I thought it looked/played super smooth.

I remember the level on the construction site kind of thing over a body of water and the haunted house level seeming like big struggles for my Switch.

Although I do still mostly use my launch day Switch which is now 7 years old so that could be part of the problem.
Well I’m having an absolute blast with Peach. Right now my only gripe is the aggressively slow load time when you go to new floors in the theatre. Some levels are more fun than others (Inspector Peach being the only miss so far…), but the whole thing is just so much fun. Maybe it’s because I have been playing countless hours of Breath of the Wild, but it’s been a joy playing something a little easier and straight forward as a quick switch up.

This would have made me so gay when I was 8.
Yes the Peach game is SO much better than the Demo would have you believe. And it’s good to know that you use the costumes more than once as I had really low expectations and expected it to be a 90 minute game fkjdjdhdhdhd. Only about to finish the second floor however I’m waiting to do it on stream, but I’m enjoying it!
Peach is great. It’s easy but super entertaining. The levels are all very on rails and you can’t often go back if you miss something as it’s all basically sequence after sequence. The boss battles are fun and seem fairly unique too.

It does look gorgeous but the Switch is struggling graphically definitely. The resolution dips a lot creating this fuzzy look, you can see the frame rate slow down too. But overall the presentation and graphics are lovely.
and expected it to be a 90 minute game fkjdjdhdhdhd.
This was my biggest (happy) surprise. Once I was the sword fighter for the THIRD time and realized only then did I “finish” that costume and saved that character, who was only the first of 10 in the basement, I was super happy relieved. When my partner and I started playing it, at first we were like “did we just spend 60 bucks on a game that we are going to finish by lunch?” Ddd
It's amazing when you think about just how good the Switch is, the library is so deep. As an example, this weekend I picked up the new Prince of Persia physically and Doom Eternal digitally as both were on sale, but I'm not going to touch either for ages realistically. I've been hooked on Vampire Survivors since I picked that up a few weeks ago, and am also steadily working my way through Bayonetta 3 and Fire Emblem Engage.

I'll be picking up Peach Showtime at some point, and Paper Mario will be coming soon. And this is a quiet year for the console, comparatively. Nintendo have really knocked it out of the park this generation, with excellent first party games alongside really strong third party and indie support, it's incredible really when you think back to the Gamecube and Wii/WiiU eras.
Yeah, the Switch has an insanely good library. That combined with the fact that it's basically two consoles in one (since playing handheld and docked are totally different experiences) kinda makes it the best console ever. Honestly, a backwards compatible successor with this library + better specs + all the new games is going to end lives.

I do wish Nintendo would deal with the endless amounts of complete shovelware on the eShop though, it's honestly tragic and a bit of a stain on what is otherwise an excellent console. Really hoping that gets sorted on the Switch 2.
The sales in the eShop get me every damn time. Just purchased Skyrim Anniversary Edition for $35. I’ve never played it, if you can believe. Handheld seems like the perfect way to waste hours with it.
I don't call it the GemCube for nothing.

Switch has been quite extraordinary.

Liking Peach. Can't say I think it's better than Crafted World, but it does have more warmth to it if that makes sense. I'm not too far in, but the ice skating was a delight. The villain almost threatened to rival that theatre queen from the first Rabbids + Mario for sheer campery. Definitely huge potential to continue this as a new franchise.
For a game that’s easy, Showtime! is unforgiving — whether it’s missing a mark as Figure Skater Peach, not hitting a note as Mermaid Peach, or baking fast enough as Patisserie Peach — trying to obtain gems. I’m really enjoying this game and wouldn’t mind if this becomes a side series for Peach.
Completed Another Code: Recollected over the Easter weekend, I have fond memories both games (TM on DS, and R on the Wii) but was intrigued with how they'd handle them on the Switch.

I love that they've created it into an third person off rails experience, the original TM's top down perspective, and R's fixed view feel way more limiting than letting Ashley loose to explore, swinging the camera around, etc. It works much better in R as you explore Lake Juliet's scenery, exploring the mansion in the first half can feel rather claustrophobic.

What I didn't expect were changes to the story, the TM story hasn't changed much, though they add in a lot more little links between both games (as well as some Hotel Dusk connections), however R's story felt like a huge overhaul - thankfully it's mostly for the better and gives way more closure than the original.

My biggest complaint however are the puzzles, TM came on the scene and made full use of the DS's functions, microphone, even closing the console to replicate pressing a stamp, maybe I need to blame it on my youth, but TM's puzzles felt more unique, and a little more challenging than this modern iteration. I enjoyed R's vibe quite a bit more, but there were hardly any actual tasks to do, I could probably count the number of puzzles within R on two hands.

I left satisfied and hope it's done well enough to justify a revisit to Kyle Hyde's adventures, but in making the game so welcoming and cosy it lost any challenge the original's may have had (and they weren't exactly challenging in the first place). I'd recommend it to anyone who's into both puzzles and visual novels, but don't go expecting any wild twists or challenges.
New indie showcase tomorrow at 3PM BST. I'd say it's not actually impossible Silksong might feature given it's been popping up in ratings boards etc. Also hoping for Darkest Dungeon 2, Coral Island and Astrea (a really cool looking deckbuilder that came out on PC last year) release dates. I could see the new version of Stardew Valley getting the "available later today" treatment too.