He / Him
Playing Pikmin 4 at the moment after a small gaming hiatus, (100% completing Resident Evil remakes 2, 3, 4 + DLC and Village back to back was amazing but really took it out of me) and it’s just a joy to play. I feel like they’ve perfected the Pikmin formula here!

So much variety and although the day limit adds some tension, being able to explore freely now with no overall time limit is very freeing.
I finished The Thousand Year Door after 30 hours of play and I don't know girls but I found it quite... overrated? It's not a bad game and the graphics are stunning, but the combat and backtracking in some sections grew old very quickly. The tree dungeon where you had to go up and down pipes every few seconds was excruciatingly tedious.

I found the whole thing a very 7/10 kind of affair.
I enjoyed playing Thousand Year Door but I agree with it being a 7/10, having been like an 8.5/10 when it first released. Quite a few of the scenarios are dull, particularly the tree section, the desert island and the final part where you have to go and speak to some random NPCs across the entire game world to activate the canon for those Bob-ombs.

I always kind of preferred the Mario & Luigi series, particualrly Superstar Saga and Bowser's Inside Story. They're obviously shorter games because they're on handhelds, but they really benefit from that, being more stream lined and more killer and less filler. I need Brothership like, yesterday, it's been over a decade since we had a (good) entry in that series.