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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Nintendo knowing they needed to show something new and choosing the easiest franchise to Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V

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  3. Nintendo is just very out of touch. Like I wonder what genuinely went on in their heads in that board room they were developing the switch and said "What should we do for a Virtual Console? A selection of NES games, then a smaller selection of SNES years later?!... Everyone will love that!"
    Like it would be the easiest thing to do content-wise. They have such a wide breath of backlog titles. I really don't get it, still. And like clearly this year the content is looking light for whatever reason. So it didn't cross their minds to throw together a better virtual console real quick? Nope. They said "Here's a Zelda game no one likes, give us yet another $60 to play it"... Meh.
  4. Nintendo probably sweating trying to reinvent the wheel with a new Mario when they could just release Odyssey 2 with the same engine and concept as the original (like they did with Galaxy 2) and everyone would be completely satisfied. There’s a lot more there that’s worth exploring.
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  5. This is another moment to remember/highlight that the Switch is a huge success in spite of Nintendo's business acumen, not because of it.

    Anyway, once again, where the FUCK is Shin Megami Tensei V news?
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  6. I mean, this has been nintendo for their entire life. They’re good at creating and developing fun, they’re terrible at business and marketing, and it’s a push and pull between what wins out. Look at how common knowledge the joycons being dogshit are and yet, the system has still sold like hot cakes.
  7. That announcement was definitely for Japan. Splatoon 2 was the first Switch game to sell over 2 million copies there, before Mario Kart, Breath of the Wild, Smash Bros & Odyssey. I believe it’s still the fourth best selling Switch game there just behind Animal Crossing, Pokémon Sword & Smash Bros. It did and continues to do extremely well there.
    Announcing a new Splatoon is like the equivalent of announcing a new Mario in terms of its success in Japan.
  8. tea


    Nintendo would be nothing if they didn't have a niche of flashy, accessible games that appeal to casuals. But they've had stellar releases in the past, Breath of the Wild the most recent, so it's not like they're incapable of going above and beyond - which makes it all the more disappointing that they rely on name recognition rather than quality. Thinking their niche will protect them competing against xbox game pass and PS+ though? Good luck with that.
  9. So I gave a look at last night's titles and the only game I'm remotely interested in is World's End Club. It looks cute but I'm not sure about what type of gameplay it has.
  10. Me spending hours and hours over the past two weeks replaying Super Mario 3D World and thereby rewarding Nintendo for doing the bare minimum yet again:
  11. Honestly Champion Road can fuck off.
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  12. I only started Mario Odyssey last week and the... Luncheon Kingdom is embarrassing nn. They really said we’ve given you enough new ideas and interesting design by now, have these scraps
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  13. Meanwhile, Ruined Kingdom remains gorgeous yet tiny and lasts about five seconds. Nintendo really works hard on games for like the first 65% of development and then throws literally vegetables and soup at us for the other 35%.

    See also: Super Mario Sunshine degenerating into glitches and hideous volcano aesthetics for the last third.
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  14. Honestly I love how demented the Luncheon Kingdom is.
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  15. XXX


    Nn the luncheon kingdom is the reason why I took interest in the game. We've seen deserts, cities and lakes a billion of times?
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  16. It's a giant bowl of soup, hos! Meanwhile New Donk City and Ruined Kingdom marry the new and the classic together in an exciting way.
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  17. My completion of most levels on the first try fooling me into thinking I'm some sort of gamer until I get to the bonus worlds and realize the cold, hard truth

  18. Luncheon Kingdom is ugly. It's not about concept - a giant bowl of soup could be a fun level -, it's not about size or things to do in it either, it's just horrible looking, lazy made, afterthought adjacent. It's like they had finished the game and gave it to someone's game developing student nephew to add one more level that they think would be cool. I've seen people saying that it adds "variety" to the game but I'd rather my games not to vary into 2010 demo games territory.
  19. The Luncheon Kingdom...

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