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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. I would rate the Paper Mario series having played them all...

    The Thousand Year Door
    Origami King
    Paper Mario
    Super Paper Mario
    Colour Splash
    Sticker Star

    but I honestly enjoyed them all - even sticker star, there’s nothing in the series I dislike. There is a gap in gameplay quality between the top three and the bottom three though.
  2. #justbravelydefault2updates

    The way I destroyed dragoon lady with my shield master blocking her counters and my thief using Godspeed strike

    bitches aint shit and they ain’t sayin nuthin
  3. My poo poo brain trying to comprehend even the 2% of what’s happening in Three Houses...
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  4. She was probably the easiest Asterisk boss in the game I think, a nice change of pace compared to most other bosses nn

    I went through most of the game thinking Thief was kind of a useless job (and the stealing mechanic is kinda useless since it fails so much, requires two ability slots to be properly useful, and you can get rare drops left and right with the Gambler passive anyway), it wasn't until quite late that I realised just how good Godspeed Strike is, I completely missed it hit so hard and dealt damage twice at first.
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  5. I bought Origami King a few months back and am so turned off by the battle system that I haven't returned. I guess I should give it another shot...
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  6. hoo monster hunter rise is REAL Japanese.
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  7. One of the cat people just said “Im-purrtant information” and I’m sold on the entire enterprise.
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  8. When I first read this I thought "really? But the game's so light-hearted, how bad can it get?". Then that happened

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  9. I had it spoiled by a DUNKEY VIDEO but it truly was like oh shit even with that.
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  10. I personally thought the story, humour and new gameplay, Zelda-like, dungeon loop were fantastic. I enjoyed the puzzle ring battles and the end of the game required some thought.
  11. Why can't they just make another game with the same mechanics as the first two? Or even just port/remaster those two. Colour Splash and Origami King would be great if it wasn't for the battle systems...
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  12. I like the Origami King battle system, it's fun how each fight includes a little puzzle (though of course you can beat them even if you don't solve it, it just takes a bit longer), and the boss battles so far have been have been great.
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  13. don't forget, today is the last day to buy Mario 3D All Stars digitally before Doug Bowser publicly executes him. (Also the OG Fire Emblem game digitally.)
  14. The way Nintendo sends out notifications about the same eShop demos and free to play games every single week

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  15. I honestly don't know if I could bring myself to play the game again knowing that moment is coming.

    Let us know how you feel about the bosses later in the game ddd.
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  16. RJF


    Is Bulge Harbour in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 named as such because... it’s located close to the humanoid Titan’s crotch?
  17. They actually based the entire dual character concept of Pyra and Mythra from early sketches of 'the twins'
  18. #justbravelydefault2updates

    The way I just DESTROYED Gladys and Helio by making my Shieldmaster absorb all their attacks and then just spamming Godspeed Strike and their elemental weaknesses

    Human sacrifice cult FLOPS
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  19. Anyway how did y’all combine jobs with spiritmaster and swordmaster?
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