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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. My final lineup consisted of Elvis as Spiritmaster first, White Mage second. I didn’t use Swordmaster in the end, but had Adelle master it anyway until I acquired the Bastion asterisk.
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  2. Swordmaster pairs extremely well with Shieldmaster, and it goes well with the other physical attack based classes as well. Its ability to drain enemies BP really came in handy in some boss battles, though I didn't use it in my final party either, as the counter-based abilities become less useful when you have a Bastion straight-up nullifiying damage.

    Spiritmaster is one of the best jobs in the game I think, pairing it with Salve-Maker or White Mage makes for an excellent support character, and if you set is as the Necromancer or Red Mage (at level 12+ for the double-cast passive)'s sub-job you can deal tons of damage with Holy, which is very useful against quite a few bosses.
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  3. Thanks my kings!!!
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  4. So I have to say I’m super impressed with Nintendo’s repair service. I send 5 drifting joycon off on Monday, only with my original console receipt from 2017, I couldn’t find the others. They came back this morning all repaired, no charge and with a new warranty on them! I had read horror stories so honestly had no idea what to expect.
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  5. I was the same. Read loads of forums of people getting charged a stupid amount after they’d been repaired or being sent different joy cons back (I didn’t want to lose my super smash themed ones). But the service was great! I’m now considering just sending my other ones off for a spruce up and warranty extension.
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  6. The way I destroyed Domenic with the exact same strategy yes god!!!

    cmon brute force instead of strategy
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  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Is there any reason to play Super Mario 3D World as anything other than Peach in the cat suit? Gay rights!
  8. RJF


    I pulled KOS-MOS out of a Rare Core Crystal. YAS.
  9. This sentence would kill a Victorian child
  10. I started a new save with Three Houses because I didn't like the house I went with.

    Me everytime Jeralt is on screen:
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  11. #justbravelydefault2updates

    Just finished Chapter 3.

    The game not giving you a boss battle against Helio, letting him die in a cutscene, but giving you a fake boss battle against the dragoon lady.......... make it make sense.
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  12. nn are you forgetting you already fought him (along with Gladys). All the human boss fights in the game unlock asterisks, so it wouldn't really have made sense to fight him again. Having a friendly battle against Martha to unlock her asterisk was a nice change of pace from all the other asterisk holders being antagonists I guess.
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  13. Tea but I just wasn’t satisfied ~narratively

    Let me chop ha Severus Snape looking ass up
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  14. I finished the game yesterday and I didn't really have issues with any of the later boss battles actually, they were fairly easy once you figure out what to do, and when your HP gets low it's fairly easy to heal up with hearts, so I don't think it's easy for the bosses to beat you. I think the boss battle that gave me the most trouble was actually the rubber-band, as I was having a hard time blocking his hits when you're using your finishing move, which hit quite hard and repeatedly.

    I finished the game yesterday and I really liked it a whole lot, I've never been the biggest Mario fan but spin-offs like this and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle are definitely making me see the series in a new light, just hugely enjoyable experiences, and the fact that they actually have a fun narrative to follow, unlike the main games, goes a long way. To be honest I liked both way more than Odyssey, which started feeling like an endless laundry list of tasks to do with no real reward by the time I was revisiting the fourth or fifth world.
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  15. Glad you enjoyed it!

    I'm playing Mario Odyssey at the moment, I love the worlds but damn I'm fed up of collecting moons now. I just want to go to Darker Side already.
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  16. I also booted up Three Houses this weekend to try out Maddening mode.

    I had to restart the first chapter four different times because you don't have access to Divine Pulse yet and every time I would get to the end Dimitri would one round either my avatar or Edelgard.

  17. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Tibb playing hard mode was bad enough, maddening just takes all the fun out of the game.
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  18. I ended up pouring accrued Activity Points into Hubert and Dorothea to get access to better magic nn, I can’t imagine doing this shit without any additional resources. I’ve always felt a bit at odds with the Fire Emblem community because they tend to favor these ridiculous difficulty modes when I’m just trying to ship Dorothea and Edelgard.
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  19. Over a year since buying it, playing it for a few short hours and setting it aside as I couldn't get the hang of it, I finally managed to get into Smash. Not planning on going online anytime soon, but I'm having a lot of fun with the single player content, especially the adventure mode



  20. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Agreed, just give me a fun strategy RPG where I can be gay thats all I ask.
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