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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. #justbravelydefault2updates

    I just defeated Lonsdale with the same ole brute force strategy.

    Quite a kii when both my team and Lonsdale ran out of MP (thanks to my salve maker inflicting contagion) and we were both attacking each other doing just 100 damage for about 20 minutes.

    A metapod vs metapod tea
  2. Lowkey obsessed with Monster Hunter Rise but I feel like Stories is more my alley with the fact you can befriend and train the Monsters.
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  3. Monster Hunter Rise is a bit... wig rising....
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  4. Been dominating my life since release. They really knocked it out of the park.

    Eagerly anticipating the first few game updates coming out for them to finish up the story piece and round out with a few more large monsters.
  5. I’m on my third month of part one in Three Houses and I’m screaming at the way Lysithea is always at 100 and ready to step on everyone’s neck at any given moment. Short queen!

    Also, Monster Hunter Rise is an absolute delight. It’s my first MH game and I didn’t know this franchise was this lively and almost PG friendly? So pretty.
  6. I didn't recruit her my first playthrough but Lysithea was the surprise my second playthrough and now she's a staple. Queen is so damn chaotic and with her functionally being the best non-lord in the game, it only makes sense!
  7. Nn the way the game becomes a cake walk on any difficulty besides maddening once Lysithea learns Dark Spikes. Talent!
  8. Me with Lysithea during the marathon final stretch of my Verdant Wind hard mode run

  9. The way maddening Azure Moon gave me literal nightmares where I would lose no matter what I did.


    That final throne room map? 1.5 hours - thank god I had Lysethia, Hilda, and Leonie there. Queens.
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  10. #justbravelydefault2updates

    Um the way I just DESTROYED that masked hoe pretending to be Lady Cygnus

    I had Seth as shieldmaster spamming reprisal and defender of the people, Gloria as maxed spiritbringer backed with bard, Elvis as maxed red mage, and Adelle spamming Godspeed strike

    miss thing barely lasted 25 minutes in the ring with me! Flop!
  11. RJF


    Ursula's fucking side quest in XC2, I-
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  12. Any TWEWY fans here? Can't believe it's finally getting a sequel!

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