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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. I think the Ni No Kuni combat is great once you get the hang of it, but it's actually completely different in Ni No Kuni 2 anyway, which does away with the familiars (sadly, as that was one of the best things about the first game) and plays like a standard action RPG instead.
  2. Yeah them giving Ni No Kuni II essentially a Tales of battle system was one of the best changes from the first game honestly. I enjoy the first game’s story a lot more, but the sequel’s gameplay is far more enjoyable moment to moment.
  3. I just reached probably the second last chapter of Part 1 in Three Houses and



    I did not see this coming at all omg
  4. wAit Claude after the time skip...

    We have no choice but to offer hole
  5. Has anyone else played Bowser's Fury?

    Is it just me but were my expectations too high and consequently disappointed? Just played it substantially for the first time (45 cat shines...)

    The gimmick of giga Bowser activating every so often gets really annoying, I find the world a bit too open, and some shines being time dependent is sometimes inconvenient.

    The frame rate also drops noticeably...

    It's not terrible and certainly is innovative as you would expect. I appreciate the single world, interconnected levels but often get lost between them, particular when travelling around by dinosaur.

    Just wondered what the consensus was.
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  6. I definitely agree about the Bowser gimmick getting annoying real quick. At first it's easier to look past but as you progress in the game each time ends up getting longer. It's incredibly frustrating to be working on getting a shine, only to have to try to hide out while dodging shit. An actual waste of my time because it stops me from accomplishing anything. Well, technically you could continue during it but then the situation veers into my least favorite type of Mario level design, which is throwing more and more shit your way. Really, the thing should've been timed to happen every 5 to 10 shines if they needed to include it, and reduce the amount of time it lasts.

    It's for that reason that I'm glad the game didn't last longer than it did. Any longer and my TV might've ended up with a controller-sized dent. Still, it shows promise for where the 3D games could go next so I'm optimistic that they can develop the concept more and work out some of the kinks. The parts where I wasn't dodging fireballs were generally pretty nice.
  7. Finally finished Dragon Quest 11 S with 101 hours clocked.


    Now deliberating on whether to pick up Bravely Default 2 while continuing to chip away at Vesperia.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Honestly, just replay the Three Houses or Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
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  10. Put Samus in you cowards!
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  11. I'd love it if Nintendo ever released either an Ever Oasis remaster or sequel on the Switch. The original 3DS game was only released shortly after the Switch came out and it feels like it didn't make much of an impact, but it was a really enjoyable game, it'd be a shame if they never gave that series a second chance.
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  12. Instabuy, day 1, GOTY, GOTD, GOTG, etc, etc, etc
  13. LittleBigPlanet 3 <3
  14. I wish they’d bring Elektroplankton back for the switch. I think it was my most played DS game and would love an expanded interface. The hours I spent thinking I was a music producer...
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  15. Fiscal Year numbers.
  16. God YES, finally! I thought I'd have never seen this day.
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  17. Finally some proof that @HeartSwells wasn't the only person who bought Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics.
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  18. Nintendo really said “here, go make your own game”.
  19. Let me convince the company to buy it for me as we develop games... Hehe.
  20. XXX


    Can people stop buying Mario Kart 8 so we will get MK9 at some point?
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