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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. When this starts playing during the Nintendo Direct.

  2. Just give me 2D Metroid tomorrow Nintendo, that's all I ask.

    We do now know about quite a few 2022 Switch games so in theory we should get details on 2021 stuff. All we have post Skyward Sword is the Pokemon remakes in November. I'm cautiously optimistic (and have my clown makeup at the ready just in case).
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  3. I'm very excited to be disappointed once again tomorrow*

    *Hopefully I'm manifesting a better showing by saying this
  4. Portugal is playing its first Euro Cup match at the same time as the Nintendo Direct, so preparing for double disappointment
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  5. Rob


    I'm so hyped yet prepared for crushing disappointment from tonight's Direct. Why is being a Nintendo fan the most toxic relationship of all.
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  6. Right I’ve convinced the husband to watch the Direct with me so if you want to ruin two people’s day Nintendo that’s on you please be good
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  7. I can't wait for us to drag it to hell and back nn!
  8. I'm looking forward to it. Pretty certain we'll get news about a big New Horizons update, the next Smash character and SMTV, and honestly those three things are enough to satisfy me, anything else will be a nice extra.
  9. Xenocigs of PJ unite let’s form a prayer circle to manifest Xenoblade 3!!!!!
  10. Rob


    I mean at least this Direct can't be worse than the hot garbage they served up earlier this year...
  11. I SO want to believe we're getting something good, but Nintendo really seem to love being sadistic.
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Girl this is exactly the surprise I'm expecting from Nintendo. Lowered expectations!
  13. Surely this time we'll get some sort of trailer for Breath of the Wild 2?

    I'm happy enough if we get that... and I can't imagine they'd skip it... right?
  14. I thought at the last Nintendo Direct they said we'd be getting BOTW sequel news later in the year so I would think they'd show something here. But, I also don't want to expect it because I know how these things go. I just want some sequel teases (even just some new images would be good - trailer would be better) from them and I'll be satisfied! Even if they say it's not coming out for a while...give us a little something to tide us over!
  15. The Direct description says it's around 40 minutes of software footage, mostly of games to be released this year, followed by three hours of gameplay of a handful of games in the Treehouse. So it seems pretty unlikely the Switch Pro will be revealed, but at least it looks likely that they'll show at least a couple of previously unnanounced 2021 games.
  16. Unpopular opinion but I can't be arsed with them wasting 10 mins on new Smash characters. Give us new stuff.
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  17. 45 mins gals!

    My favorite time to be on PJ is liveposting during a Nintendo direct~

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  18. I’m perched. Even if it’s bad, this thread will be funny.
  19. I'm ready.
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  20. I'm ready
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