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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. I’ll always be a lil Nintendo whore and am excited by many of those releases.

    The one thing that doesn’t sit with me is refusing to release DLC for Mario Party, with its pitiful 5 boards, and scamming us with a whole new game. It just doesn’t sit right.
  2. In hindsight this was an unwise statement…see you in Mexico as a het
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  3. He


    What about the Switch Pro? Ddd.

    I wish they had shown more of the sky of Hyrule, though. It looked amazing.

    Wasn't the Zelda going into the ditch long haired? Holding out hopes for her not to be fully sidelined.
  4. I'm so hyped about Project Zero, I loved PJ 3 on PS2 and never had the chance to play 1 and 2. The Switch needs more surival horrors!
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  5. Hyped for a lot of these games.

    I’ll be picking up:

    Shin Megami Tensei V
    Skyward Sword
    Breath of the Wild 2
    Fatal Frame: MoBW
    Metroid Dread (I had an absolute blast with Samus Returns on 3DS!)
    Hyrule Warriors DLC
    Maybe Mario Party Superstars

    I was only really disappointed in no Bayonetta 3 - but I’ve just read things don’t seem to be going well for it.

    Anyway all that on top of:

    Pokémon Diamond and Pearl/Arceus Legends
    No More Heroes 3

    I’m going to be kept busy!
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  6. Can't stop thinking of Metroid Dread
  7. Boy I hope that new Super Monkey Ball game isn't going to be shit. I'll be grabbing that little collection for sure.
  8. The games were solid but there really was an issue with a lack of anything truly new. These HD ports, remakes etc are hype in the moment and then you realise ‘oh shit I could have had a brand new entry instead’.

    There’s plenty I want to play I just find little that’s got me truly excited
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  9. XXX


  10. Where’s Metroid Prime 4 tho
  11. Well Metroid Dread is originally from 2005 so we're probably looking for a MP4 release about... 2033
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    TBH I've always been more of a slut for the side-scrollers. Metroid Dread is a delight to these eyes.

  13. Need!!!
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  14. SMT 5 gameplay on Treehouse looked pretty good. Game almost has a more open world sort of field than SMT 4 did. Would love to see what the dungeons look like.

    The battles itself look exactly like SMT 3 and 4, which I'm not complaining about.
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  15. Lit rally.
  16. Metroid Dread looks amazing. I'm loving the hunter becomes the prey vibe, and the graphics are gorgeous. Need a Silksong release date for that Samus + Hornet Metroidvania joint slay whatever.

    SMTV and Metroid Dread were worth the otherwise boring direct. BOTW2... Jaw dropped but let me not dwell on it and work myself up nn.
  17. tea


    Yeah that's my main issue as well. If there's barely any new headline games ready then why not support the big sellers that were abandoned immediately after release?

    The gameplay literally looks like Super Mario Party which had me thrilled to finally have button controls and new gameplay. But why would I spend $60 for a nearly identical but separate game??? Like what the fuck is "Mario Party Superstars bitch I'll kill you!!!!!
  18. I thought this direct was... fine? ddd When this forum only cares about 2 franchises y'all are bound to be disappointed.
  19. The only disappointment was a lack of a triple A Nintendo title for Christmas (and new Metroid kinda makes up for that), but honestly the rest of the year looks kinda stacked for my interests?

    New 2D Metroid
    Super Monkey Ball collection
    Ace Attorney
    Shin Megami Tensei V
    Monster Hunters Stories 2
    Mario Party
    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
    Advance Wars

    Whew! My only complaint is that Monkey Ball and (probably) Warioware won't have sufficient online modes, and the prices.
  20. I really think it's time for a new 2D Mario...
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